So discouraged- IVF vs IUI questions, encouragment needed!



I have just completed my 8th IUI cycle with my 4th m/c :grr: My first m/c the fetus measured 9 1/2 weeks, second at 6 weeks, and the last 2 were chemical pregnancies (levels at first draw were 14 and 26 respectiviely). I am really down, just not understanding what is going on? The past 2 cycles the nurses have suggested IVF, but I am really hesitant to switch from IUI b/c obviously my issue is not the fertilization of the egg, it is the implantation. Does anyone have and GOOD reason(s) why I should consider paying SO much money to potentially have the same issue I’m currently having?
Does anyone have any success stories after so many IUI’s and/or 4 m/c?


Have you done any testing why you continue to miscarry? If not, I would highly suggest it so they can determine the issue. It could be something with your eggs or sperm and then IVF might be the way to go. I personally did 4 IUI’s and then when I was moving on to IVF I got pregnant naturally, turned out to be chemical, but as you can see 6 months later I got pregnant again naturally and my son is now 6 mths! Miracles happen! Sending you good thoughts and prayers!


I had a DNC after the second m/c which didn’t show anything. After this last chemical, I had blood drawn for a blood panel. Not sure exactly what they are testing for, but apparently they look for chromosomal abnormalities, blood disorders, and Idk what else? That will take 2-3 weeks to come back. I really hope to get some answers! I think I’m going to take a couple months off to let my body get back to normal, get the blood results back and hopefully make some progress on the next one.


First off :grouphug: So sorry!!

Second, as you can see from my siggy, i’ve had a few losses and my RE suggested IVF to hand pick the best embryos. Plus they can watch them grow. Sometimes its not an implantation issue, its a sperm issue. So with IVF plus ICSI they can help prevent things. Its best to sit down with your RE and ask what benefits you’d have to moving on.