So scared to try IVF #2


Here i am again. Four years and counting and still no baby to show for it. We have poured thousands upon thousands of dollars into this black hole we call infertility. I have mild/moderate endometriosis and low AMH…last they checked it was .64 and could be worse by this point. Me and my husband are thinking of doing one more round of IVF. AM I CRAZY TO WANT TO TRY AGAIN? we have to someway scrounge up the money (everything of course is out of pocket)…and with my endo and low amh i am just wondering if we are out of our minds. i have decided to start taking 200 mgs a day of coq10 and 25 mgs three times a day of DHEA to try and make my eggs a little better than they are. Any words of advice, encouragement, stories would be greatly appreciated.


Just want to wish you lots of good luck and sticky vibes. I was terrified when we did our second round of IVF, but for me it helped to have a plan as to what to do next if it didnt work. Unfortunately for us my second round of IVF really didnt go well and after getting a second opinion from an RE with more experience with DOR patients we decided (or mainly I decided) that I didnt want to continue on the IVF journey with my own eggs and we have moved on to donor eggs. This path isnt for everyone, (and yes it is very expensive and also out of pocket). I hope this is the cycle for you. Good luck.


bella89014, I am so sorry you are going through this. I was extremely devastated when I got a BFN after 1st IVF. The fact that we had only 4 eggs and 2 embryos made me feel even worth. We started out with male factor, but then learned I have relatively low AMH and for my first IVF had very few antral follicles (only 5). I did A LOT of research before doing 2nd IVF, switched REs and luckily it worked for us. I am 4 weeks away from giving birth to boy/girl twins.

I think the fact that you were able to get pregnant twice is very encouraging. Also, you had enough embryos to freeze for 2 FET. I think you should give it another try! There was smb in my first IVF thread who had chemical for her first IVF and her FET. Now she is pregnant with twins from 2nd IVF (she is about 25 weeks now). Their problem is male factor.

I would advise to do as much research as you can on your condition - maybe doing a surgery to remove endometriosis might help? In my case, my antral follicles vary by months, so it helped to pick a month I had a good amount of them. My DH was taking a number of vitamins to improve sperm quality.

Good luck to you!!! I hope very soon you will be posting your success story. :bsv:


I have no real experience in this, but recently found out I have low AMH (0,25). We did one last IUI (I’m in the 2WW) before moving onto IVF May/June. My RE started me on CoQ10 600mg a day. So, you might want to up your dose of that. My RE also told me that it is totally possible to get pregnant and would work with me as long as it takes. I do not think you are crazy for trying again, but understand you apprehension. Good luck to you


Bella89014 i agree that is a road that is not for everyone. If faced with that situation it is definitely a road i would take no questions asked. The ability to carry my own child (well it biologically being my husband) would give me no greater joy. babyhope2012 CONGRATS ON BEING PREGNANT WITH TWINS. HOW EXCITING FOR YOU. stories like yours give me hope and the will to move forward with this process. As an infertile i always have to have a back up plan in the back of my mind. Unfortunately i am sure we all know too well what that means:( Waitingwanting #2 hopefully you and i can post our pregnancy success stories on here soon! I definitely want to talk to my doctor about uping my dose of CoQ10. Anything someone tells me to do to better my chance i will gladly do!!