So since it's Thanksgiving...


I’ve got a question. For Thanksgiving, my family gets together with extended family and everyone drinks wine before dinner. It’s not like we are lushes, but definitely a glass or two.

My question is…how can I get around this? I don’t really like the wine they pick (I’m more of a Moscato fan, not a dry red kinda girl) but I’ve always drunk a glass in years past. So they will all know if I don’t drink because they’ve been waiting for an announcement from us for a few years now.

I told my hubby I would give my glass to him once he finishes his, but I bet the ladies will still notice if I don’t take a sip. Any suggestions? Kinda worrying about it since I can’t POAS yet and have no way of knowing for sure.



I know some people say they are on antibiotics that can’t be mxed with alcohol. Or could you pour some grape juice or something? I don’t drink…or know anything about alcohol…so I don’t know how well that would work.


I just started telling our family and friends that I am passing on all drinks because we have decided to get more serious about trying and my doctor suggested to cut out all alcohol for right now! Don’t know if it will work for you but it’s been working for me for the last month since I haven’t had any drinks since we started the Letrazole treatment!

Good Luck~


I was debating about bringing some of that Sparkling grape juice for my daughter and the other kiddos, but would that red flag someone? What do you gals think?

K - I am keeping this TTC journey to myself, DH, and a few close friends, so telling the fam would raise suspicions (SP?) right away, unfortunately. And I’ve been off alcohol for almost 2 months since we started TTC Round 2, so it’s not like I’ll be missing it.

Just wish it wasn’t so difficult to not drink over the holidays!


You could use the antibiotic excuse since you really shouldn’t drink while taking them… but with my family they all would just laugh at me and say I was worrying to much.

This was a big concern for me when we started treatments since we do not plan on telling anyone about a pregnancy until after the 3 month mark. Our friends and family our all wine drinkers and I love wine so to just stop would raise concerns. That is why my DH suggested that I stop early and just say that we have started really trying to conceive and didn’t want to take any risk/doctor’s suggestions. This way when we do get a :bfp: they will all be used to me not having that glass of wine with dinner!

I hope someone can help you figure it out~