Some fun in ttc! (psychic reading)


So I’m not sure about you ladies but I’ve been ttc for a while now (18 months) and its beginning to get stressful. On another forum site I saw ladies getting ttc predictions so I thought “what the heck why not?!” I decided to get one too just for the fun of it. I figure it’ll be cool if it’s right and if it’s wrong it wasn’t that much money to be missed anyway.

My reading was REALLY detailed and I was very happy with it. She got a lot of things right, like the fact that I’ve miscarried twice (didn’t tell her that), that I work in counseling, that my children will have the same initials and that we’re planning on moving soon! She told me that she sees me falling pregnant within the next 3 months and that she feels a girl. She said she feels a boy very close after, it’s so close they could be twins or that I fall pregnant with him right after her. She said she sees me giving birth to her late in the night at 38 weeks and that she’ll be around 9 lbs!

It was very entertaining and it gave me a lot of hope!! If you want to try too her sites


When I’m ttc my OB gave me folic acid supplements and clomid. This really helps me a lot considering that I’m with my early 30’s. Now I am having my 32 weeks of pregnancy for my first child.