Some interesting news from a Big Tech Conference


There is currently a big tech conference called D11 going on - apple, twitter, whatnot all speak at it - but I found it very interesting that for the first time ever, one of these tech guys is taking on the daunting subject of infertility using data analysis and machine learning.

And to that I say…about time! :clap:

The guy who started the project is called Max Levchin - he was one of the co-founders of Paypal. This new project is called Glow (cute!). They have a website explaining the method to their madness:

At first, I thought they were yet another fertility app - and we really have plenty of those - but no.

They are using their app - which looks cool, but is not out yet - to collect data - so that they can figure out a way to make infertility insurance available at affordable levels. (They currently have a version out called Glow First).

Where were they 5 years ago when I was freaking paying out $15k a pop for my 6 IVF cycles? :grr:

Anyway - I thought this community would definitely find this news interesting.