Some Symptoms of PCOS


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is caused due to hormone imbalance in teenagers. It is usually caused to young or teenage girls as it affects the girls in their reproductive age.

You must know the symptoms of PCOS:-

  1. Irregular period is a primary symptom of PCOS. They might have inadequate and non-existence periods.

  2. Women with this disorder will get heavy and irregular vaginal bleeding.

  3. They start to have problems like obesity and weight gain. They will not be able to lose weight.

  4. Women with PCOS will have the problem in conceiving. Even if they conceive they will face problems and will be at a risk of developing gestational complications.

  5. They might develop breathing problems while sleeping.

PCOS treatment in India focuses on managing your concerns. They are infertility, acne or obesity. Some treatment might involve lifestyle changes or medication. Professional doctors will tell you solution according to your requirement.