Soreness after ER?


This has been my third ER and the most uncomfortable I have been for this amount of time (Today is the 4th day after.) However, I also did have 16 eggs retrieved, which is 6 more than the second highest amount I have had retrieved.

I feel like some ladies have said they were sore for a week after?

What I am feeling is general soreness in my ovaries- which is what they said I might feel. My question is how long did this soreness last for you?

I will say it’s worse in certain articles of clothing, the more pressure on my abdomen, the worse I feel. It’s not pain… it’s discomfort.

I also feel worse when my bladder is full and also in the evening, when it seems I get more gassy. (I feel a lot of pressure in there after eating or in the evening.)

I don’t have any symptoms of OHSS and my embies haven’t been put back in yet.

My doc said this is all normal for up to 2 weeks after retrieval. Just wanted to check in with you ladies to see what you noticed?

I haven’t been taking Tylenol as recommended because I ran out! I am going to get some today and hopefully that will help.



Jess~ congrats on that full basket of eggie:clap: i was super sore this time around for almost 2 wks then it got worse from ohss … first ivf easy peasy this time was 3/4 wks of soreness


I had 19 eggs retrieved on November 2, so 10 days ago, and I was sore up until only 2 or 3 days ago. It was exactly as you describe, plus a lot of bloating (which I still have, waiting to see if it’s PMS or pregnancy symptom!!). It really hurt when I peed, too, to the point where I had to breathe through it! I wonder if I had slight OHSS, but the nurses never seemed concerned so I didn’t even ask. The bloating has been brutal, though, and coupled with the side effects of the progesterone, I feel disgusting.

The good news is, it has gotten better and I feel pretty normal now. Loose clothes helped when I was feeling at my most sore, but now I can wear what I’d normally wear. Hang in there! It does get better.


Hey Jess,

That sounds totally normal, and I think it’s because you had such a good crop! You had a lot of follicles punctured, so it’s really inevitable that there will be some discomfort, I think.

I remember being sore for about 6 days after. As you say, it wasn’t pain so much as discomfort. Like wishfor1more, it hurt when I peed, I had to sort of breathe to prepare for it and then let go. Very weird feeling. I’m not usually a med taker, but I found the Tylenol helped a lot. I say it’s a good sign of good news to come!!!

Really hope this cycle is it for you.
:pray: :babydust: :pray: :babydust: :pray: :babydust: :pray: :babydust:



Thanks to you all ladies. It just helps to hear I am not the only one sometimes, from the ladies who went through it directly! :wink:

But I do hope it’s a good sign of things to come!


The recovery from my second ER was harder. The doctor warned me that it would be. I hope you’re feeling better soon!


Hey Jess I thought I would let you know that when I had 15 eggs retrieved I was sore for about 5 days then I felt human again. This time I only had 7 eggs retrieved and the soreness what nowhere near what it was when I had the 15. Hope you get to feeling human again soon. Happy happy positive thoughts for you and your embabies as they get to come home today.


I am in awful pain after ER always! It seems like it lasts forever! I never look forward to this discomfort!


Hi. I just wanted to chime in. I had 24 eggs retrieved and was on prescription meeds for the pain. Two days after ER my RE had to up my dose because the pain was so bad. Everything got better after about 5 days. I hope you start to feel better soon.



I was sore too after my ER for IVF#1. The RE explained that after ER, the empty follicles will fill up with fluid after a day or two. So obviously, since you have atleast 16 fluid-filled follicles, there will be some discomfort and pressure. This is normal.

Congrats on the 16 eggs ! Hoping that this is the cycle for you!