Soy? A sperm killer?


My husband has a very low sperm count. Has anyone know of a man who stopped eating soy and had an increase in count?


I know this post is a late one. Still thought I could share a couple of things about soy and sperm count connection just in case. According to researchers, men who regularly consume foods containing soy, soy milk, and soy isoflavones are more likely to suffer from a lower sperm count. Obese and overweight men are at the highest risks of decreased sperm concentration, as a result of soy consumption. Though I’ve heard that there is relatively low danger in natural soy products like edamame and tofu. The more processing (i.e. soy milk, soy burgers, etc.) the worse it is for you. I have recently gone pescaterian, so I’ve done a little research on the matter. If you stick to the minimally-processed foods, you should be ok. Stay well.


It’s already known that obese men naturally have higher estrogen levels. Researchers from this new study are looking to find out if the consumption of soy foods may increase the estrogen level even more, perhaps even affecting their potential for reproduction. It must be noted that there are many critics of this new study. Many people state that generations of Asian men have consumed soy foods, without experiencing fertility problems; this new study even states that soy foods do not appear to affect the mobility or overall quality of the sperm in question. If you are experiencing fertility issues, try to limit the amount of soy in your diet so that you can rule out any possibilities that it is negatively affecting your fertility. Limit your intake of tofu, soymilk, tempeh, TVP, and soy nuts. As it does not contain phytoestrogens, you can safely use soy sauce. I had a cousin who had some infertility issues and had not realized that it was the soy. Until Bio tex clinic pointed it out to him. And after he stopped using soy it did help him.


Glad for your cousin. And so good of the clinic to have helped with this. We don’t know all the pacularities of fertility treatments. And there are so many things we even don’t know about. Thankfully, there are good professionals who can help. The reason known - you may deal with it, yeh? I’m glad for another story with the happy end. All the best.