spent the last hour crying!!!


Hi everyone,Im new here but I needed some type of support. I’m 25 and have been married for almost 3 years been trying since the day we got married. I got checked and nothing wrong with me. My husband got checked and he has a sperm count of 0…:frowning: I mean not one single little sperm!!!..I know hes upset so I didn’t want to hurt his feelings by letting him know how devistated I am. I keep telling my self that it just can’t be true. Every month I have hope…somuch hope in fact that I think my mind plays tricks on me and I have all the pregnancy symptoms then AF and I spend the day crying on the couch. I have to hide it from my husband because I don’t want to make him feel worse. I was wondering does anyone feel the same?


I am so sorry! That is a very tough situation to be in. It sounds like you are very upset at the situtation and also feel like you can’t show your husband how upset you are and cannot get his support because you do not want to upset him further.

Are there any options available to determine why he has no sperm? Infection, plugged duct? I know I heard of a procedure where they can find sperm in a biopsy of the testicles even if the man’s sperm count is zero and then use that for IVF. Does your insurance cover any of it?

Try to find a way to talk to your husband about it without making it sound like you are mad at him and not just sad about the situation. Tell him how you feel just like you told us. Tell him that you are devestated but didn’t want to tell him because you didn’t want to make him more upset. I will send prayers your way.


Yeah, I don’t know if IVF is an option for you, but they can retrieve sperm from the testicles (assuming he has sperm but it is not being ejaculated) and then do ICSI where they inject the sperm into the egg. Even if this is an option, IF can be so hard. I’m sorry you’re having such a tough time! Try to hang in there! :grouphug:


I do know how you feel. I have been married for 10 years and we had been trying for a long time, found out 4 years ago my husband has 0 sperm and they have no medical reason why. It took him awhile to come to terms with it and he was not willling to do the retrievel since there is a small chance you can loose a testicle ( he said he likes them where they are) and he has agreed to use DS and is now very excited and ready for us to have a BFP. But it did take at least a year for him to get used to the idea and come to terms and then everything kept happening so the timing was never right till now to try.


[FONT=Century Gothic]I’m so sorry to hear that. I know how hard it can be but you do have options. I was told that due to my husband’s sperm we would not be able to conceive naturally and that iui would be a waste of time. We have discussed the possibility of using DS. It is a hard decision. [/FONT]
[FONT=Century Gothic]I wish you the best. This forum is so amazing and is a great opportunity to get your feelings out and get lots of support.[/FONT]


I’m so sorry you are going through this. My dh also has azoospermia. We saw a urologist who specialized in male infertility. He was put on clomid to see if that would improve his sperm count but after the testicular biopsy it was determined that he has sperm maturation arrest which means that the cells responsible for making sperm are immature and do not continue developing so they won’t turn into mature sperm. It was very difficult to get that news but we decided to use DS because my dh wanted me to be able to experience pregnancy and I really wanted the same. We did IUI with DS and I am unbelievably happy that we now have a 4 month old baby boy. He is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to us. We decided not to tell anyone other than our families about the DS. In fact when most people see our baby they say how much he looks like my husband. I really hope your husband is able to have sperm extracted but I just want to tell you from experience that using DS still gives you a precious baby and we have never even thought of our son as anything but OUR baby. He is a true miracle and he brings us more happiness than I ever thought possible.

Here is a website that gave me alot of helpful information before we did the biopsy. I wish you and your dh lots of luck! You can PM me if you want to talk or have more questions. Male Infertility - Surgical Sperm Retrieval