Sperm Bank


I am looking into sperm banks at this point. I would like to know some experiences with sperm donation and what sperm bank you used. Thanks for your help!


Both of our children were conceived using the same donor from The Sperm Bank of California, San Diego branch. They have competitive pricing, photo matching, childhood photos and full profiles available for purchase, and even gender sorted sperm. We wanted a girl the first time so we used a female sorted vial. It worked for us :slight_smile: They are so helpful and sensitive about the process of finding the right match. Our numbers have been great too!

All my own results came back normal/healthy so our IUIs weren’t medicated or monitored. We only bought 1 vial per cycle and were unbelieveably blessed with it working for our DD on the first attempt and now again with this baby that’s due in April.

Good luck!!!


We are using CCB. We are doing our first IUI this month so I can’t give you too much info about the sperm. However, they have put up with my never ending questions. If you call them, they will tell you a lot of info and help you pick out a donor that looks like your husband/partner. They are a bit pricey though. Our RE only allows donor sperm from CCB or Fairfax so we were limited in where we could look.


We also went with CCB and I’d have to agree with JRD in the fact that they are so helpful and friendly. I too had many questions and they always had an answer. Yes they are a little more in price than some but I’d go back in a second because of the awesome service they gave my husband and I. We did the donor match with LaTrace and she was also AMAZING! Good luck :slight_smile:


We went with Xytex, since we did IVF I don’t know the counts but we got PG the first time…


I really liked that CCB would answer just about anything I asked. Fairfax was not as forthcoming about some things like the donor’s age, number of births vs reported pregnancies. I spoke with Laura most of the time at CCB. She responds quickly to emails as well which I really liked. Good Luck! CCB does have a payment plan option too.