Sperm count clomid Arimidex nolvadex


Dear All

my urologist prescribed me

20mg nolvadex
for three months

i read about CLOMID (Clomifene citrate ), Arimidex(chemical name: anastrozole) , Nolvadex (Tamoxifen)

Anyone tried any and get positive results ?


What they treating you for?

Is it low testosterone or ?

My DH has low testosterone an he was put on 25mg Clomid an it help his T-Levels an it helped his count… He went from 3 million to 52million after so long…


low T & varicocele

Clomid & Nolva are same thing ,
but both higher estrogen level in blood (T converts to Estrogen)

but arimidex used to lower estrogen level , keeps healthy ratio between T & Estrogen

i had very low count
100,000 ML
Total 5ML ejaculation volume , total sperm 500,000
only 5 motile , small