sperm problems, questions


Hello. I just got my sperm check results back. I wanted some feedback.

Here’s the info I have:

I had 5.1 ml, pH was acid, sperm count was 10.000.000/ml

TOTAL 65 60 55
Good: 30 30 25
Moderate: 25 20 20
Low: 10 10 10
None: 35 40 45

Irregular sperm shape: 5%

I made some mistakes before the test. I must say I didn’t feel like my ejaculation was high quality. My testicles were under some pressure (tight pants!) and I had some pain. I deliberately increased their temperature with a hot soak (I just found out I shouldn’t do that) every day before the test and a few minutes before the test as well. I’m a heavy smoker.

What do you think? What do my stats tell you? Is 5% irregular shape bad? If I quit smoking, and take the test again without the pressure and without the increased temperature do you think I’ll have much better stats? Do you think I will be able to give my woman children? I’ll be taking more tests soon.

Thank you in advance, a very stressed man.

EDIT: Based on those results my doctor said I have “30% chances” and we should increase that to “40-45%”. I have no idea what those percentages mean. Do you?


I would like more replies


I would like more replies[/quote]

I think my motility was around 4-5% like yours. Docs said that is pretty typical if you live in a big city that has a decent amount of pollution. Can’t remember my counts but the smoking is definitely bad. I quit tobacco for about 2 months getting ready for ivf. Your sperm rebuilds after about 60-90 days from what I remember. We’re expecting twins next week. Good luck.