Spotting after stopping progesterone - looking for advice


Hello ladies, I am currently pregnant with twins - 8weeks approx and was asked to stop progesterone yesterday. I stopped and from today started spotting - is this due to lack of prog? I was worried so I went ahead and took the progesterone today Looking for advice urgently :(((( not sure wat I can do


8 weeks is too early, in my opinion. My RE has you continue until 12 weeks. Some REs stop at 10 weeks. Do you still have some that you can take?


My RE recommended stopping at 10 weeks. I saw the regular OB before then and they had me continue until 12 weeks. I have read that there is a slight increase in the risk of cleft lip/palate in continuing to 12 weeks.


I stopped at 10 weeks. Have you had your levels checked? the spotting might be unrelated. You may have a sch - bleeding during pregnancy is very common with twins.


I would ask for the second opinion because I also think 8 weeks is still early. In any case, report your spotting. I hope all goes well.