Spotting CD 12 Miscarriage? Please Help!


For 36 hours now I have been spotting red blood (not dark red or pink). Almost every time I wipe or every other time I have blood. It started on CD 12 and now its CD 13. I’ve also had backaches for the past 2 days. I actually said to my DH that I feel like I do when AF arrives but it is waaaaaaaaay to early for that (she arrives ALWAYS on CD 32). The other thing is that when AF did arrive this month it was the shortest amount of time ever. Usually she stays for 4-5 days but this month it lasted for only 36-48 hours. I took a HPT 10dpiui and it was negative. I took another one today but it was also negative. I’m not sure what to think. I just talked to my RE and he said that a chemical pregnancy/miscarriage may not show up on a HPT and that I should have blood work done on Monday morning.
I should add that we have not done any treatment since last month. . .we are taking a few months off before we do IVF. Also, the spotting includes some clotting.


Sounds to me like simply an early AF. Since this was an unmedicated cycle, and your previous 9 have been medicated, I think it would be very likely that you would have a shorter LP on an unmedicated cycle.

Probably just AF starting…relax and enjoy Christmas… (ha - easy for someone else to say, right?)


It’s hard to say without bloodwork or a +HPT. It could be that you had an early pregnancy that failed to develop & the numbers are now too low to register on a pregnancy test (and brings on AF). Or it could just be that your hormones are a tad messed up from all of the medicated cycles. Your body is used to being told what to do & now it’s got to figure that out on it’s own. So sometimes you’ll get 1 or 2 weird natural cycles after being medicated for awhile.

I’ve had both things happen. With the pregnancy, I thought I had AF but it was earlier, lighter & shorter than normal (but still red bleeding). My hpt was neg @ 11dpiui. I didn’t quite feel right after that & my temp had sky rocketed back up (it had fallen when “AF” arrived). So tested again, but this time the HPT was + (@ 17dpiui). I was shocked to say the least, lol. However, I started spotting again & my HCG levels were not doubling very quickly. I eventually m/c’d @ 6wks.

Hopefully the bloodwork can give you some sort of answer. Good luck with your upcoming IVF cycle!


Thanks ladies-
The spotting has tapered off this evening so I really don’t think it’s an early AF. The combination of intense bachacke and cramping with bleeding is what is worrying me. When I had my MC last year I had those exact combinations.

Woofwoof- I’m wondering if I took the HPT too early and too late in my cycle to get an accurate reading. Like you said for your cycle, when AF did come for me, it was MUCH lighter than normal. Usually I use 3/4 of a box of tampons but this time I didn’t even use 1/4 of them. That’s how light it was.


I think I have a bleeding cyst. The pain is now just on my left side and the area is very tender. That is the side that I had 3 large follicles with my IUI last month. Cysts can also affect the duration and intensity of AF, which would make sense since she lasted for only 2 days tops. I’m just hoping it goes away on its own b/c from what I’ve read I would have to do a laparoscopy (SP?) if not.