Spotting & cramps 8dp5dET is this normal?


I am in my first IVF cycle and experiencing light spotting and cramps 8dp5dET. I would describe the spotting as light orange in color. I am freaking out!!! I want to tell myself it is implantation bleeding but I’m also wondering if it could be my period or a MC. I have never been pregnant so the only bleeding I’m familiar with is menstration. I took a hpt this morning and it was negative. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


:grouphug: I am so sorry, but it really doesn’t look good for 13dpo. It is possible that you have a late implanter - but it is unlikely. Implantation bleeding is usually light pink or brown. Plus, a pregnancy test is usually able to pick up a light positive at 13dpo unless you are using one of the less sensitive tests.

I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news…


I’m so sorry! I started :af: before beta! I hope it isn’t the same for you. Be sure to go in for beta, because you never know. My RE said many women bleed & are indeed pregnant. Sadly for me, it was :af: ! I hope a miracle happens & it is the opposite for you. Keep taking your progesterone just in case. If you start bleeding heavily maybe your clinic will move up beta to confirm.


Thank you both for responding. I am going to keep praying and taking my progesterone, but I had a feeling it wasn’t good. Hopefully knowing now that I’m most likely not pregnant will help me when I get the negative beta on Friday. I will call my RE tomorrow. Thanks again for your advice and kind words. Best of luck to the both of you!


You’re welcome! Keep us posted!