Springstone Financial and credit score


Anyone use this company. I have a rather nosey question!!

I was wondering what people’s credit scores were when they applied. I would like to wait until mine is higher if I need to.


I actually applied to them yesterday based on the fact that they said they work with people who have had credit problems. (bankruptcy over 3 years ago due to both DH and I losing our jobs) I even spoke to them first and asked a bunch of questions about how the bankruptcy could affect us and they said as long as it’s over 3 years we were good. So I applied and was turned down flat based on the bankruptcy. They said I couldn’t qualify at all not even with a smaller amount. Then I applied to CareCredit and was approved instantly. Hopefully, you don’t have the issues we have and your approval goes through smoothly.


We used them. My credit score was 785. I am really crazy about my bills!!! But when we discovered we’d have to do IVF we went super crazy to pay them off which really helped my score. Hope this helps! Good luck!


Thank you both so much. Very helpful. Doesn’t sound like they were too honest!


Where are you guys finding these finance places is it just for infertility or anything?


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My husband is in the high 700s and im in high 600s and they turned us both down which was strange because my husbands credit is excellent range and mine is good, our debt to income ratio is low so i dont know but he just got a personal loan through the bank. Carecredit is good but only if your RE takes them.


Wow Sweetey if they declined you and your husband who are they approving??? He clearly has excellent credit and you have very good credit. I wonder if its a scam to get people to apply…like, I wonder how many people have been approved.

We are considering this as an option for financing our IVF but FI will have to apply on his own…my credit is no good due to EXTENSIVE hospital bills. I spent one week in the hospital without insurance…my bill was over $80K so…yea…

I plan on filing BK but after reading the other post about how they don’t even work with that…I’m concerned.

FI and I have a Care Credit account…might have to look into them instead.


:pray: springetone is good for dental, fertility & hair treatment if they accepts it I have care credit also I use it for pet care, dental I’m trying to find out of my doctor will accept it cause that will help a lot.