Squinter at 7dp3dt?


I am 7 days past 3 dat transfer and my hpt is so faint only I can see it! If it were a real, good pregnancy, wouldn’t it be darker by now???


Having any type of line at 10 dpo equivalent is marvelous. Most people don’t start testing positive until 8dp3dt or 6dp5dt which is still great. Good lines will start fading in and in a few days you will have a great line. Congrats!


Having a positive is WONDERFUL at 7dp3dt! Look at this chart. http://www.nyufertilitycenter.org/ivf/embryo_transfer According to this, hcg isn’t even excreted until 8dp3dt! And detectable levels of hcg not until 11dp3dt! You’re in great shape =) Congrats! I consider that a BFP =)