Stage 4 Endo and FET or Fresh?


Hi Everyone,

Oh has it been a long time since I lurked on these boards. It’s been a year since our last IVF treatment and I am just finally coming around to consider using my Frozen Emby. We met with another RE last week and that was overwhelming in itself.

Anywho, his recommendation is to go on Lupron for up to 6 months and then do the FET.

My old RE said to just go right into protocol with the snow baby and see where we end up.

My thoughts are to just go ahead with the snowbaby and if I am going to put myself through Lupron…again…then I may as well be doing a fresh cycle for it?

Can anyone help me in what would be the best decision? I am also wondering if anyone with stage 4 endo has had success with a snowbaby?


I had my stage 4 endo removed in 2011. We are currently approaching our 1st Ivf cycle. We will have the ER sometime in April & 53 days later the ET. My Re recommended preparing the body for the transfer which is why were doing frozen.
I’d go with your new Re’s protocol, but maybe shorten the time span? Best of luck!