Started Provera/Clomid/Trigger - rate of success?


Hello ladies. I am new here and I have been looking through this forum and like all the support that has been offered to everyone.
I just started the journey of Provera/Clomid/trigger shot. I was not having regular cycles so they started provera and a very small AF came. I then did 50mg of Clomid days 3-7. At CD 11 - US showed only 1 (on right side) ready to go so they provided a trigger shot. My husband and I BD Wed night, Thursday night and we were supposed to this AM but it did not work out. Has anyone been on a similar treatment? Should we try again tonight?


I think you’ll be fine. You can go again tonight if you want to, but honestly, you did twice in a row and that should be plenty. If it does come up BFN (hoping it doesn’t!), I think you can rest assured that you didn’t do anything wrong.


I have had 3 beautiful girls with clomid. (although its not working for me anymore) DD#1 only had one follie also. Don’t give up it can happen. Good Luck. :cross:


Thanks Ladies. Yesterday (3 days post trigger) was weird. Really bad HA, diarrhea (sorry TMI), and cramping. Hoping that is all a good sign. I am so bloated too - actually got asked today when running errands “How far along I was…” Nice. :pray: for a :bfp: !