Started with Clomid


I just started my 1st Mini IVF cycle and it started with Clomid, I was concerned because I didn’t have any true side effects like everyone else had and was concerned that they weren’t working. Well after getting the ultrasound and seeing there were several follicles I thought okay this is working. Now I’m on Gonal-F and Ganerlix and I again have NO side effects beside soreness of the injection site of course, and hot flashes occasionally. Should I be worried or think they medicine isn’t working? I’m just a nervous nellie I guess with the ER on Monday and only having one ovary where most other woman have two.


I didn’t have any until late in my cycles and I have pcos so had over 30 follicles don’t worry some people are just lucky


Thanks. I really pray I get some good size and a nice amount of follicles and eggs. This is truly something scary.


During IUI’s, I was on Clomid 100. Never got any feeling of growing follicles as such. They could be seen only during the sonograms. Even during the IVF cycle with Follistim 225 and Menopur 75 protocol, I did not get any feeling of bloating or fullness. The follicles were seen only in the sonograms. I felt my belly was tight hours after taking the trigger shot, just a day before the egg retrieval.
Seems like some women feel it and some don’t.


I never really got the feeling that many women say they get, but I would get a tightness/fullness close to the end of my stim phase and it was after 10 days or so of stimming…best of luck! :babydust:


Med side effects

They may be growing perfectly! Enjoy that you don’t have bad side effects. I did not get side effects from the clomid, femera, or injectables…and had a great retrieval. Best of luck to you!


I didn’t have any bad side effects, either (until OHSS after ET).


Thanks ladies…

I think I may have spoke to soon. This morning I woke up nauseous as heck and just exhausted.