Starting Femara


I have PCOS, ENDO and BFT on right side.
went to doctor today, starting Femara, anyone else taking or have taken it? success, failure? All responses welcome


Hey Ohkala!
I am actually on a combination therapy using Femara and injections. I do not respond to the Femara by itself, but when the injections added I have gotten pregnant. You can check out my signature to see the specifics. Overall, I like Femara much better than Clomid!

Good luck! :flower:


Femara didn’t work for me, my RE wanted me to do an IUI cycle first I opted out of that because of past experiences I also know a lot of people that I worked great. It also made me very nauses and I would have horrible headaches. Good luck


I did not respond to Famera. No side effects for me.


Thanks for your responses!
I went to my OB/GYN on Friday, he did a U/S and my right ovary actually had a cyst on it, he said it measured at a 16. So I am stoked that I actually responded to Femara, sadly it is on the opposite ovary in which it needs to be. My left tube is open, my right is closed. :frowning:

We’re both really excited, got a high five from the doctor, and he told me to give it chance. Was prescribed as MUCH baby dance as possible from Sun to Tues.

He said my left tube COULD pick up the egg that would be released, said it isnt impossible. I know what he meant, it meant that it would have to be a freak accident lol

So I return to peeing on OPK’s. Pee’d on 2 both NEG. Still have all week!


I started taking Letrozole this cycle after a 2 year break. Clomid did not work for me at all. I have tried injections in the past with some success, but I stopped treatments in 2009. The injections hurt and were too expensive. My husband and I are starting to do infertility treatments again and we are easing back into things. I hope Letrozole works for you and I both.:cross::babydust:


so I pee’d on some OPK, on cycle day 16 and 17 I was positive! It’s bittersweet, my OB/GYN said my right ovary was the ovary that responded, I am glad something happened but my right tube is blocked. So I know there is no baby.


Sorry to hear that! I hope that you use Letrazole/Femura again next month and that your other ovary responds! I’ve been on it quite a few months now (see below), with no success at getting :preg: yet, but success at getting good follies. This month I got 1 on each side that measured 20 and 22 before I ovulated… I’m on 7.5 Letrazole CD3-7… Maybe the dr. will up the Letrazole so you can get more follies! I’ll send up a :pray: for you that next month is the month for you!!! Good luck and :babydust: !

FYI: There’s also a Letrazole forum under Infertility Treatments if you didn’t already know about it :slight_smile:


Just because it’s your right ovary responding and that tube is blocked doesn’t mean there is no baby. I have PCOS and right tube blocked. I had 2 follies on my right ovary and none on the left. When I had the last ultrasound before my IUI one was 16.5mm and the other 21mm. I got my +OPK the next day so IUI was following day after +OPK. I ended up pregnant and today I am 9 weeks. The eggs can go to EITHER fallopian tube.


I’m moving on from letrozole/Femara. I failed to respond to the lower doses(2.5mg and 5mg), and my RE doesn’t want to use a higher dose than 7.5mg. The dose of7.5mg only worked 1 of 2 tries. I never tried clomid, because my lining is already thin, and I figured it would take 2 months to fail each of the doses before moving on to something else anyway.
Tomorrow I go in for Gonal F teaching and to start. I’m excited about a new start. I know femara does/can work, though. So, keep up your hope. I was there a few months ago, but each person is different.


I am starting Femara as soon as they bring on AF. Have an appt 11/5 to go in for US and b/w if AF doesn’t show it’s ugly head before that. Clomid did not work. I guess the plan is Femara w/Ovidrel trigger shot w/IUI. I am crossing my fingers this works for me!