Starting infertility drugs & switching donors, help


Hi there,

My fiancée just got a BFN today, after a long two week wait L This has been her third cycle trying on clomid with IUI. She has been on 100mg of clomid the last two cycles. The last two cycles she had two beautiful big mature follicles. This past cycle was on progesterone suppositories for the two week wait. *So, we are unsure why she isn’t becoming pregnant. I know the percentage is still low with trying to conceive, but we are starting to think of starting injectibles and switching our donor. My fiancée talked to the doctor this morning and he recommended do this as well.

-Is it too early to do either of these things (starting injectibles and switching our donor)?
-What are some of the risks/benefits of using injectibles? We don’t really know much about them. And we would rather not have triples!
-And why would a donor be a bad match for my fiancée? Meaning, why would switching the donor help? Would it have anything to do with him being O+ and my fiancée being AB-? He has always had a good count. Our doctor uses two vials at the same time for one IUI. And the last count was around 80K with 55% motility.
Any help on this would be great.


Ahh! I mean 80 million not 80K :slight_smile: hah


Two vials seems a little extreme and unnecessary, unless you’re doing two IUIs (a day apart, for example).

Sometimes, people are incompatible. I don’t know that we understand why yet. But given that switching donors IS an option (whereas switching husbands is far less of one for many couples), it’s likely worth a try - particularly if you have a second choice that you like.

I’ve been pondering whether we’ll switch to our second choice if we fail 5 iuis (ordered 5 vials initially) - I think the issue is likely me, but I wonder if it wouldn’t hurt to try. Still have to talk to my wife about that one, though…


I kind of think it’s worth changing something up after a few tries, if it’s not working, but sometimes it just takes a while. Has she had an HSG to make sure her tubes are open? I assume that her lining is fine since they aren’t questioning that and you know how many follicles.

I got pregnant on my 5th IUI with my son (3 were unmedicated, so the 2nd Clomid IUI). When TTC#2, I got pregnant on my 4th Clomid IUI, then miscarried. After that I moved to Femara, Follistim (injectible FSH), and then Repronex (injectible FSH & LH). Turned out Repronex was what I needed because my FSH and LH levels are actually lower than normal. After my 6th failed IUI TTC#2 I also had a lap done to rule out endometriosis. Turned out I had a little bit and I’ve gotten pregnant both IUIs since the surgery (one ended in m/c though).

I hope you can get to the bottom of what’s going on. Could just need more time, but I kind of think 3 times of doing the same thing is enough and then try to switch things up with a different med might help. Good luck! :babydust: