Starting IUI with lead follicle


I have never had this happen, but this cycle on day 3, I had a follicle size 16mm. It was the first cycle that I suggested starting low dose Gonal F. I started and went back after four nights on stims and my follicle was then 20mm. I am surprised at this point that I got the go ahead to start the stims. I almost feel like at first it was thought to be a cyst but now it is treated as my follicle. Of course the others are still under 10, so made no sense starting stims unless it was thought, as I said, it was a cyst and now it is considered a follicle. I am told to do the HCG shot tonight. Did this happen to anyone? Also, if you get your LH surge the night you are to trigger, do you still trigger?


Did they do CD3 bloodwork? They should have tested your E2 levels. That would have shown if the 16mm was a functioning cyst. I can’t believe they allowed you to start stims. Usually if its a cyst it will take all the drugs basically to stop the other follies from growing. :frowning: Hopefully this cycle works for you.

Also, yes my RE always tells me to trigger no matter LH surge or not. Sometimes our LH surge isn’t strong enough to push out multiple follies. That is why a trigger is used, plus to help with timing.


I was going to ask the same thing as missingmy#2. Did they check your E2 levels? I’m surpised they let you start too, but I hope it works out. :cross:


Yes, I did day 3 bloodwork and bloodwork after the four nights on stims. I just never checked back to see what it was. I have to think they looked it over, but I am always second guessing everything I do on this journey. Should I not have started the stims no matter what or is there something in my bloodwork that indicates it is okay to start?


A low E2 on CD3 would have indicated it was ok to start. A high E2 would have indicated that the 16mm was a functioning cyst. Me personally, i would have said eh i’ll sit this cycle out if i was like you and found a 16mm at cd3. Remember while we put all the trust into our RE’s for cycling. We are there to ask questions and not do something we don’t want to do. Also, it is important to always ask your bloodwork results. Just so you know what is going on with your body. I mean, the doctors are working for US!


Before my IUI#5 i had cd3 bloodwork done and my E2 was 46. I was put on birth control pills due to a cyst and not allowed to cycle until 23 days on BC pills.


Believe me, I have been around the block with IVF. I just started with a local clinic with IUIs and feeling overwhelmed being at a new place. I felt I was all over the place in my head when I was there the other day. But like you said, I don’t know why I didn’t just sit this month out. It isn’t like me. Always something with all this. I thought this would be easy compared to IVF, but still so much to be on top of.


What i’ve learned is since IUI isn’t a money maker for an IVF clinic some kinda just do whatever they want to make the person feel like they are doing something. On my 4th IUI i felt that way with my old clinic. I felt like i was just being pushed along to cycle and to get it over with because we were doing IUI instead of IVF like the RE wanted. Well we are completely out of pocket payers. Since IUI worked for us before we were going to do IUI at this new clinic. The RE didn’t like that i was proactive in my treatment.


I just got my day 3 E2 level back. It was 86. Should I have not started this cycle, even though now that I think about it, I would have chosen on my own not to.


No way should you have started the cycle. Your RE should have never let you with a E2 of 86 on cd3. I’d ask the RE why they went ahead with the cycle. I’d say it might be time to move onto another clinic and RE. I know i would if they wanted to start me with those results.


Just an update on me, my information was all wrong. It was a cyst on my ovary and I thought when I went back five days later that is what grew, but it turns out the cyst was gone and the grown follicle was on the other side.