Starting IVF already on birth control! HELP CLARIFY!


I received the below outline for my cycle but I am already on pills so I am confused on what to do. My October period is due around 10/30-10/31. Do I come off my pills and have my period or take them straigh thru? [TABLE]
[TD][B]Oct Period[/B][/TD]
[TD][B]Day one of menses. [/B]Start Birth Control Pill (or [U]after[/U] Day 2 or 3 bloods) and continue taking every day until directed. Call one of the nurses at Barbados Fertility Centre to confirm or schedule cycle dates. Start Folic Acid Tablets 1mg daily.[B] 50% cycle payment due on confirmation of dates.[/B][/TD]
[TD][B]Sun 10[SUP]th[/SUP] Nov[/B][/TD]
[TD][B]Start Buserelin injections 0.5ml (50 units on the syringe) [/B]daily as directed. Continue every day. Take your [B][U]1st Humira 40mg injection [/U][/B]today.[/TD]
[TD][B]Thurs 14[SUP]th[/SUP] Nov[/B][/TD]
[TD][B]Take last Birth Control Pill[/B]. Expect menses within 2 –4 days. Continue Buserelin.


Why are you already on them? I would stop them, and wait until your october cycle to start them again. You don’t want to be on them too long as they can oversuppress you.


I am on them because of my endometriosis. We cant get preg naturally anyways so it was to prevent my endo from getting worse. I also have excruciating periods not on BC. Last time I stoped BC bled for 2 months which is not good. My RE said to stay on them but didnt clearly answer my question. I may have asked in a confusing way tho lol.


You may want to call the nurse and ask in that case.


Ill ask again thanks! Just didnt know what other ladies may have done.


Every cycle that I’ve done they make me come off and go back on so I’m not oversupressed so I’d definitely call the nurse and clarify that! Good luck!