Starting IVF


Hi ladies!
I was recently diagnosed by my RE with PCOS after many years of being told that the only reason I don’t get a regular period was because I am a runner. I had always thought I had symptoms of PCOS but since I wasn’t overweight, which is the stereotype of PCOS, it was dismissed by my doctors. Anyways, I am about to start my first cycle of IVF and am pretty nervous! My insurance only pays enough for 1 cycle so I’m really really hoping this works the first time. :pray: I am 26 and my husband is 28. Everything is perfect with his sperm, thankfully. I’m glad I found this forum so I have people to share my journey with who understand what I’m going through. My Dr. told me I have about a 50% chance to get pregnant on the first cycle…wishing the odds were a bit higher :confused: thanks for your support!!

I would love any tips about things I can do to improve my chances of success!! I take PNV’s and omega-3’s and have taken a break from running for the time being.


Welcome to the boards. The only advise I would give is just try not to stress. I have done many of the things people say to do, but didn’t get preggers any of those cycles. I finally did nothing different and I got preggers with that cycle. The only thing that my hubby and I regret or wish we had done differently was, on our first IVF we had two gorgeous blasts, and the doctor offered to freeze one and transfer one or transfer both. We transferred both, but I wish I had only transferred one at a time and maybe the FET would have worked (my hubby and sister suspect that my body might have been under too much stress from the Fresh IVF that doing the FET was better.) The other thing that we regret was that we used the progesterone in alcohol for three of the IVF’s and it might have been a bad idea. You see when I take nyquil in the liquid form or drink any alcohol I break out (like I’m crying and then it eventually becomes one big red rash over my face and chest), but I don’t when I take nyquil in the capsule form, so I didn’t think about it with the injections. We noticed on the third cycle that I was getting HUGE knots in my buttocks. We changed back to oil based progesterone for the FET and it did knot a little, but NOTHING like the alcohol base one.

Good Luck, I think the best thing you can do is nothing stressful or different. Whatever keeps you relaxed.