Starting my first round of injections


I’m supposed to be starting my first round of injections on Saturday. I did 3 weeks of birth control ending on Monday. Now I’m nervous because 2 days later and I have some light bleeding. I’m worried that I’m going to have wasted a month of trying. Anyone have similar experiences? Help!:grr:


Thanks! I tend to freak out lol. I started my shots last night…here’s to hoping this month is my month!


The same happened with my wife. The shots are just to there to stimulate for your next cycle. I know they had my wife doing the shots a lot longer than other people have mentioned on the forum. In the end she ended up with 13 eggs


Hi, all! Seems some time has passed after the thread had been created. Hope everyone is ok. :slight_smile:
I couldn’t but answered the post wanting to share my experience with first time injectables. We’re passing DE IVF in Ukrainian clinic Biotexcom. DE is our only route as my PCOS, blocked fallopian tubes and poor egg morphology do not play on my side. Well, I was so scared of needles that my husband was doing it. I got myself in a right state but the first injection was just awful. I couldn’t say I was looking forward to the remainder of them. But kept thinking about why we were doing that. So that I knew it had to be done and done properly.My second one was just better, me trembling and auching only o_O I really hoped I would get less upset with each other injection.
Also was feeling so silly getting in this fear. My mom’s diabetic and has to inject everyday!! And what about me?!! So I did feel silly getting all those feelings. With every other injection I didn’t faint. Though which is what normally happens with injections! So that had to be considered as the positive sign :stuck_out_tongue:
Be brave, ladies, know this is hard but if injections are the way out - you’ll do it, I’m sure!! Hugs X