Starting treatment tommorow


Hi Ladies-
I am new here I did 3 rounds of Clomid with nothing working. Last month I took follistim and then triggered and then bding on our own…no luck!!! I am going to the dr tomorrow and starting treatment agagin… This time we are def doing iui…any advice? I dont know how much mre I can take…I want a baby so bad…How many iui’s till you ladies got a :bfp:



The average for iui is 3-6. But some people get lucky and have beginners luck. I think the statistics are 20% chance per iui. I’m getting ready for #2. GL. :babydust: :bsv:


It took me 4 IUI’s to get pg. Will you be taking any meds for your IUI? Good luck and hopefully you will have luck the first round! The IUI itself is no big deal, not much different from a pap.



I just got home from my baseline scan and :cheer: my cyst was gone so I am cleared to start this cycle! I start my injections tomorrow night. Hoping we can be cycle buddies. I will be in for my 4th IUI, although I really don’t count my last IUI since it was doomed from the start. My first was on femara, and the last 2 were injections. Lab just called with my e2 level 13.5, so I am good to go!

Good Luck to us this cycle!:babydust:



The amount of IUI’s to get a bfp depends on a lot of factors. One thing is IUI is all about timing. Then it also depends on what infertility issues the couple is working with.

For us:
IUI#1 - BFP with triplets (miscarriage)
IUI#2 - BFN (timed wrong)
IUI#3 - BFP (chemical)
IUI#4 - BFP (chemical)
IUI#5 - BFP (:pray: its a sticky bean)


Well, I am going for my IUI this morning. Just wondering if anyone else will have the dreaded 2ww through the holidays. Good Luck to all!