hello everyone…i have so much respect for women and their partners who go through such journeys to fulfill their dream for a family…
I am a late starter…have never been pregnant while younger but was never serious till now.

i have found a good gyno who is calm and realistic and he has forwarded me to a doctor and a center for IVF. I took the test that check your tubes (sorry not familiar with all the lingo yet as i am located in Greece) and the left is blocked or partly blocked. he said the changes of an ectopic pregnancy were high, so my slim changes were halved.

My ovaries seem in pretty good condition (they called them alive for my age) and am due to start ivf in late january.

i have started modifying my diet and will walk as much as possible. also started accupuncture which i had done a few years ago and feel really helps me.

My partner will do a sperm test soon and they also want me to do the ovary age tests…so the best treatment can be decided for my condition.

i have many concerns and fears concerning ivf and pregnancy and feel i have to overcome them otherwise i will sabotage myself emotionally.

first of all i had a triple surgery in May and am concerned about the mesh placed over the hernia i had from a surgery 10 years ago. (lower abdomen, like c section)
i am fearful of pain, streching, tearing during pregnancy and also how it will be treated after c-section. i want to be able to care for a newborn and not take 1-2 months to recuperate like i did from surgery…

also i am pre diabetic and worried about controlling my diet for myself and my baby during pregnancy.

Finally, my mother had breast cancer in the early 70es and i get tested regularly every 6 months, but concerned hormones might push me to the wrong direction, especially in ovarian cancer which is harder to detect…

i am very commited to making this happen but need to find a way to get these fears under control so i can give it my best shot and be as calm as possible…

i think being part of community will help me in this journey…just need to familiarize myself with all the terms and details which are greek to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for reading my rant :slight_smile:


:welcome: If you have medical concerns related to pregnancy and previous surgeries and your diabetic condition, you should talk those over with your doctor. Have you checked with him/her? They might be able to alleviate your fears or tell you realistically what to expect. Then once you know what you’re up against, sometimes that helps take some of the fear out of it. While you have some valid fears/worries, you don’t want to stress yourself out so much that you jeopardize your chances of success. There may also be some women on here that have been through some of the same procedures and can give you some advice. Best of luck and :babydust: !


Well, good for you for taking the IVF step and working on modifying your diet and exercise. Taking control of the few things you can will help, definitely. I also found meditation helps; I downloaded guided imagery meditations from the internet. I can understand your concerns about the hernia mesh, but that should be something your gyno can reassure you about.

Good luck with your treatment! :babydust:

Cute joke about the Greek lingo, by the way. :wink: I spent a few weeks in Crete, and that really WAS Greek to me. Wow, what a tough language! I recognized only one word ever spoken to me there; it was "patro-"something, and apparently it meant a husband. Someone had asked me why I looked so young, and I said it was because I had no husband or children (this was back in '99) and someone translated my comment and everyone roared with laughter. Wonderful people, and I’m sorry if I bored you with my long tale. :slight_smile:


Thank you both for replying!

Yes both doctors (my gyno and his associate who does the ivf) know about my medical history…neither seem too concerned but i know i am over reacting…

i had some counceling yesterday and realized one reason is my life changed (and i) greatly these past 6 months, after a very tough year before that…so i am still finding my bearing with the new circumstances and my internal changes and it has been a bit too overwhelming…

i have searched online on forums about the hernia and heard quite a few horror stories, but again, you won’t find the good stories posted as those people will not be spending time posting in forums :wink:

the diabetis fear is less in my head as i know it is mostly up to me to control it.

i suppose i need to take time to digest all these changes, even the time from first visit to doctor to monitor ovulation till ivf decision was short, just 2 months…

also ordered a meditation cd special for ivf yesterday :slight_smile:

thanks again for your input, it really helps to communicate with others and i wish you luck in whatever stage of your journey you are!