Stay away from unprofessional treatment in Ukraine!


Hello all. I intend to go public on what has happened to my wife when we had treatment in Ukraine. Like many others, we chose the country for financial reasons and it was our mistake. I do hope all those positive reviews that made us choose Ukraine are real and we’re just the most unlucky people ever. For surrogacy, we chose VittoraVita agency in Kiev. My wife had ovarian stimulation and produced 4 eggs. We got only one 5 day embryo which was transferred to a surrogate. Hopefully, she got pregnant but then we got an update saying she lost our baby at 6 weeks. Later, my wife started to notice she had symptoms of something she didn’t have before, swollen lymph nodes and seemed something went wrong with the breast. After all medical examinations, we got news that they found a lump in the breast and soon my wife was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer. Of course, she mentioned she had IVF for surrogacy and the doctor asked if she had provided breast ultrasound results before stimulation. She’s never had a breast ultrasound before and no one asked her for it prior to IVF. Her current condition shows that she has already had cancer when she was stimulated! Now she’s having an extremely expensive treatment. Doctors are fighting for her life! I’m going to sue the agency along with the clinic that is responsible for not being able to check if there are any risks for their client’s health before stimulation!! I’ll sue this company! They haven’t done any tests except for a transvaginal ultrasound! If anyone else has issues with this company, please feel free to contact me. My email is [email protected]


I’m so so sorry to hear about what happened to your wife, this is awful. I wish you lots of luck in what you decided to do and hope your lawyer can help you to win this case. I hope your wife will get better as well.
I’m also interested in surrogacy in Ukraine but I know now what agency to avoid. I’ve been looking for information on numerous forums but still can’t decide. I’ve found a few blogs of women who went through surrogacy but they had different experience.
Did anyone have surrogacy with Biotexcom? There are many positive reviews on the web but I’ve also found some negative ones. The clinic provides a guarantee and this is what makes me consider to go with them. Anyone here can shed some light on this? I also heard rumors that surrogacy might be banned in Ukraine, is this true?


Thank you for sharing your story with us. I’m sorry for all the complications you’ve faced with the scammers. And that your wife has suffered much. Hope thing will get onto their places soon and she’ll feel much better soon. We’ve had and are currently experiencing treatments with bio tex com in Ukraine. The clinic’s doing its job just right! Besides their basic treatment approach, all of their additional services are well thought out for the IPs’ comfort. IP can use the benefits of their emergency 24/7 helpline. Not coordinators, who may not answer in the middle of the night -lol. But answers expected from their English speaking pediatritian. IP can also provide exact instructions to housekeeping staff and babysitter to get the things orginized the way they want. Sometimes IP happen to arrange the things to be finished exactly by the day of delivery indicated in the ultrasound check. But this might be a huge mistake as there’s no supposition that it might be premature deliver. Or normal delivery but on the 36th or 38th week. The clinic offers special classes for new parents. They also recommend visiting those classed while IP are at home. (To avoid the episodes when IP come to the clinic and get ‘‘scared’’ of their babies). They care about their patients during all the treatment stages. Always open about all the troubles they may face and kindly help through if any. I should say all their services are well thought out. Taking into consideration everyone’s interests. Special thanks to the nurses though. We got to know about plently of useful things from them. And all the kind staff who helped us to get our sweet girl. As I’ve mentioned before we’re currently going for a sibling for her.
Again thank you so much you’re open about the problems you’ve faced with VittoriaVita and help others to stay away from scammers. God bless you.


No, surrogacy is not banned in Ukraine!! Moreover it has become very popular among IP seeking surrogacy options (will well balanced services and money sums). If we talk about IVF, the clinic we’re currently with, bio tex com offers the following ivf packages. I truly believe it’s possible to find suitable one for everyone’s pocket. Bio Tex Com provides 1 IVF cycle for EUR 4,900. 2 cycles for EUR 6,900 (EUR 3,450 per cycle). 5 cycles for EUR 9,900 (EUR 1,980 per cycle). It is incredibly cheaper than average cost for ivf cycle elsewhere! All of the packages include donor eggs, all medications, transfer from/to the airport and from/to the clinic, accommodation, meals, interpreter services.
Here are their surrogacy services. All inclusive surrogacy package €39900:
You are provided a cellphone with a Ukrainian carrier for communication.
You stay at a villa or hotel.
A pediatrician sees your child every other day after birth.
Regardless of how far along the surrogate is, if the case of miscarriage, abortion, or death of child, the agency will take care of the cost of paying the surrogate and finding a new one.
In case your baby is born premature, the agency will pay all medical fees regardless.
If you have twins, you must pay an additional €3000 after birth.
You have 4 hours of nursery and babysitting services available to you every day.
You cannot be at the birth of the baby – you will be able to meet your baby after the hospital clears the baby for leaving the hospital.
All inclusive vip surrogacy €49900:
You are provided a cellphone with a Ukrainian carrier for communication.
You will stay in a standard room at the Venice Hotel or a luxury apartment for the first two visits, and on your final visit, you will stay in a bigger suite that specially equipped for babies.
You’ll receive a Newborn Package that includes all the things you’ll need when you start to take care of the baby.
You will receive PGD services, which helps eliminate poor embryos and also allows for gender selection.
A pediatrician will see your child every day, and there is also a 24/7 hotline for English-speaking Pediatricians, who can come visit you at any time if necessary.
Regardless of how far along the surrogate is, if the case of miscarriage, abortion, or death of child, the agency will take care of the cost of paying the surrogate and finding a new one.
In case your baby is born premature, the agency will pay all medical fees regardless.
If you have twins, there is no additional fee.
You will have 9am – 6pm nursery and babysitting services available to you every day.
You may attend the birth of your baby.
As for their guarantee. You get unlimited numbers of attempts after you sign up for the vip surrogacy package or ‘‘guaranteed’’ 5 shot ivf package. In case you/your surrogate fails to get prego after 5 rounds in a row, and you don’t want to keep on trying, --they refund ALL money paid back!! (Donor eggs are included into the package price!!)
Of course different clinics offer different services for various costs. I’m judging here from own experiences only.
Hope this helps.


For couples who are considering surrogacy, the following questions may be helpful.~
How long has the program been in operation? Does the program maintain a referral listing of previous client couples?
Does the program recruit its own surrogates? Through what means?
Will they work with a surrogate recruited by the couple themselves?
How are surrogates expenses handled? Is there a cap on these expenses?
Does the program offer medical screening of the surrogate? To what extent? Who does the screening?
Does medical screening include an AIDS test of surrogate and her partner?
What are the costs of surrogacy (gestational or donor)? What is the fee payment structure?
What are the financial obligations incurred by the couple? What is the payment schedule?
How long are the surrogate’s medical records kept?
Does the program offer psychological screening and counseling to all parties? To what extent?
Does the program offer on-site medical services (insemination or IVF) or do they work with local physicians and hospitals?
How many babies have been born through the agency/clinic’s surrogacy programs?
To what extent is contact between the surrogate and the couple encouraged? (By letter, meeting face-to-face, on-going?)
Can the couple be present at the birth?
What type of legal counsel is offered to the surrogate and the couple? Does this include the drawing up of contracts?
Does the program offer adoption finalization services?
What are the fees for informational meetings or interviews?
What are the financial obligations incurred by the couple? What is the payment schedule?
If the surrogate does not get pregnant over a certain number of cycles, what is the clinic’s policy regarding refund of fees paid?
In the event that the contract is not honored, what are the financial obligations for the couple?
In the event that the surrogate has a pregnancy loss, what are the financial obligations for the couple?
Does the program have a registry for the surrogate and children to exchange information when the child reaches maturity? The list is not over though. Hope this helps.


First impression of our Biotex com clinic was very good. Interiors are luxurious, hi-tech and seem to be very expensive. Equipment and furniture is brand new. Though there isnot a lot of places where you can have a seat, watch TV or read a magazine. Our manager came in around 10 minutes. She was a young and very beautiful lady. She told about all advantages of the clinic. I like it provides foreign patients with accommodation and translator. The minimum cost of surrogacy there is around 30k euro and is final. All meds and possible risks like premature birth are covered by your contract etc. I’m really sorry you’ve experienced your stay at your clinic vice versa. Hope things got muc h better for you now.


I’m so madly sorry for your wife…At the very first appointment with our clinic we were met by our English speaking manager Anastasia. She was very busy, since we were not the only one couple with her that day. She invited us to a separate room with comfy upholstered chairs. She answered all our questions and we had a lot. She explained the peculiarities of each surrogacy package. She really took time explaining everything to us. And one of the first things she told us were the conditions preventing us from signing this or that contract with them or some other possible solutions. E.g using donor egg. It made us think they’d never put their patients at risk.


Oh cool! The list of the questions would’ve been of a huge help. I wish I saw it earlier!
However, no matter what even thought the communication with my clinic in Ukraine dragged a bit due to my lack of knowledge of the overall procedure, I think we made the right choice.
I do not think that it is right to claim that all of the clinics are unprofessional because some were bad and made people experience the worst things that could happen.
Sometimes you just have no choice bu to go for a cheaper option and for most of the people it is Ukraine. Now as most of the countries are either closed or have mush higher prices than in Ukraine.
I’d be happy to recommend the agency I am with - I know that I am far from the end, but so far I have had no negative experience with them whatsoever.
I’m sharing the link just so you can see for yourself. Not all the clinics are bad.
But I sincerely hope that no one goes through such hell anymore.


Importantly, the surrogate in Ukraine cannot legally keep the child after the birth. On the contrary: the child is considered to legally belong to the prospective parents from the very moment conception. In fact, in the legal history of Ukraine, there has not been a single reported case of a disputed custody claim arising over a surrogate parenting arrangement or the validity of a surrogacy agreement. In sharp contrast, the laws in several U.S. states (and in Russian Federation) allow a surrogate mother to keep the child after its birth, regardless of the agreements between the intended parents and surrogate mother. Surrogacy in Ukraine offers the following advantages:
No limits on surrogacy related payments;
No additional legal procedures to obtain court order;
No adoption of your own child is required;
Ukrainian law allows to issue birth certificate to intended parents’ names regardless of their genetic links to the child.
Donor or a surrogate mother has no parental rights over the child, who is legally the child of the prospective parents from the moment of conception.
A dose of realism is needed when you’re 42. Miscarriage rates are 50 per cent. Live-birth rates for IVF with your own eggs are only 10 to 15 per cent. And the likelihood of chromosomal abnormalities are higher than average. Donor eggs take on all three. If your objective is a baby, and reduced heartache, donor eggs or donor embryos are a consideration.