Stay with clinic or switch after first failed ivf?


Question for you all. Looking at doing 2nd ivf attempt. Facts to follow:
Clinic 1- First attempt ended in biochem in June. Overall experience was OK, but wasn’t crazy about staff (nurses or financing person), wait times (sometimes over 1.5 hours), etc. I actually really like my doctor’s partner- he was the one who actually did my transfer. But I would feel weird asking for him versus my own doctor in the same practice. Had my follow-up with my doctor and was charged a separate visit after miscarriage- I didn’t know this was not a part of my package. Yes it was only $150.00, but I felt a bit nickel and dimed given that I wasn’t informed that the visit cost would be separate. Doctor didn’t really give me any reason why it failed- I know he probably couldn’t these things happen. Mentioned we could look at tuning the cycle a bit on second attempt, but no real direction beyond that. I called two schedules a consult- now is the third day of waiting with no call back. Clinic success rate via SART for someone [B]<35 is 38.8%[/B].Cost for IVF is about $10.5k, and they have discounted meds thru a special program. I paid about 2k for meds. Doctor also said they may be willing to take $1200 off next cycle cost since I am self pay. I probably ended up paying about 14k total for all preliminary bloodwork that wasn’t covered, meds, and procedure.

Clinic 2- I did iui’s with years ago- unsuccessful. Doctor went forward with iui’s with incredibly thin lining. (Less than 6) I didn’t understand as much about this process back then, or I would’ve questioned why he would have me do an iui with such a thin lining. This clinic success rate is [B]<35 51.2%.[/B] They offer the Attain refund program and a multi-cycle no refund program. Cost for regular ivf cycle is $9170. ICSI $1120, Meds 4-5k. Multi-cycle 2 fresh 2 frozen with no refund is $15-16k, $500 anesthesia, $3500-5k meds. They also have 2 fresh 2 frozen with 50% refund if no live baby after the 4 attempts- $18k not including meds, anesthesia, etc. Or 3 fresh 3 frozen 24k, 100% money back in no live birth.

I am 34 and close to 35. My question is, since I did get pregnant- would you stay with the same clinic since you are an established patient and I am a quite complex case and resistant to meds or switch to the clinic with the higher success rate? I am really struggling here. Any input would be appreciated. I apologize for the long post, but wanted to lay down the facts. I woudl also be interested in personal experince with Attain and if you felt it was worth it. [B]Probably worth mentioning that SART data shows clinic 1 success for 35-37 at 51.7% and clinic 2 goes down 35-37 30.8%. Interesting shift in age groups where I am heading…[/B]


We had a first failed IVF and we really liked our RE, RN’s and the doc’s place We decided to give another try with the same RE and she followed the exact same protocol and we got lucky this time I would change the RE after 2nd try unless they are really bad


No experience with Attain, but I switched clinics after my first IVF failed. I wasn’t comfortable with my first doctor and I felt she was determined to sell her services more than success. I took a break from IVF for a year and a half and prayed and prayed. Then I went to another clinic and the second IVF worked. Hope you get your sticky BFP soon.


I would say to stick with clinic one and dont feel weird about requesting to transfer your current RE’s partner. Our most recent initial consult was with the “head” RE was nice, he was rly informative and very reassuring but a little stuck in his ways and wasn’t open minded about other concerns we had. So for our followup consult to discuss treatment plans we made the appt with the other RE, and he was great! Listened to all we had to say and made us feel so much calmer about our decisions. So don’t feel weird, because its your body and your time, effort and money. BUT at our first clinic I had bad experiences with less than sweet staff and esp the financial coordinator back when we were self pay. We had a lot of un-returned phone calls and them sounding sarcastic because we were apparently “bothering” them with questions on how much we were investing and not being enthusiastic when we have a fee or bill pop up out of no where. So that’s a big factor because you’ll mostly be seeing staff throughout your cycle the majority of the time as opposed to the RE. So you have to think about that esp when you’re trying to remain calm and stress during the cycle. But when I think about the other RE you said you liked, in conjunction with the higher rates i think its worth giving them another shot in my opinion anyway. Good Luck with your decision!


@LSN8308 100% hear you on feeling like you were bothering them, I get the same sense. But when I am shelling out thousnads of dollars, I feel I have a right to have my questions answered! I think I will stick with my same doctor this round since he understands my case in detail. I am waiting until January to get started. I feel like it will be less stressful after the holidays. Good luck to you on your next round. I hope you get your BFP!! @inferdlls Congrats on your BFP and thanks for the advice! @bbe Congrats on your BFP! Maybe the second time will be the charm. I do feel like I was under a lot of stress with IVF #1. This time I am going to REALLY try to relax and take it easy. Also, cutting out all caffeine, alcohol, etc. I cut out caffeine before, but had the occasional glass of wine pre-transfer. I also am going to stay off the boards during the IVF period. I really made myself crazy reading and obsessing. I dont think I helped my mental state that way. Also, as fasr as Attain goes… been doing more reading and not sure that it would be the right move for me. The catch is that you have to do Fresh, Frozen, Fresh, Frozen. So if you don’t have any frozen, you lose one or two cycles. The Attain cost doesn’t include the drugs, anesthesia, icsi, etc. So if you only have two cycles- really not a cost savings.