Step back to clomid/follistim after just follistim?


Hi all, anyone ever step back to clomid/lower dose follistem after being on higher injectables? We were fast tracked to injectables/iui at the clinic we did several iui’s at, due to age. Clomid was not offered at all. Now we have possibly switched clinics, as were “shopping” around before making big jump to ivf…new clinic RE suggested try clomid, and LESS injectables…this seems counter intuitive to me, at my age (just 42). First clinic says we have no time to waste, new clinic wants to try clomid/iui before IVF??? Has this been suggested to anyone else? did it work? any thoughts? or should I run from this clinic? both clinics are well respected…we have had 2 m/c :frowning: and it was devastating, but are now ready to move on to IVF…not waste time w/ more IUI? Scratching head…thank you for any comments…!