Sticking with the same dosage with no response?!


Hi ladies, I am just beyond frustrated today! :grr:

I took my first round of Clomid back in August to ttc baby #2 (150mg cd’s 3-7). I never got a positive opk, or a ‘peak’ reading on my monitor, so I knew right away that this cycle was a bust. I did call my OB for a blood test in September, but it was negative, so I decided to sit back and wait.

I called my OB’s office today to follow up and let him know that I still haven’t gotten AF or a BFP. His nurse called me back and said that he was calling in a refill for my Prometrium and another Clomid prescription for 150mg cd’s 3-7. My first thought was, “Are you effin kidding me?!” WHY would you give a patient the same exact dosage if she didn’t respond to it the first time?!

The ONLY reason I’m even seeing my OB while we’re ttc is because he assured me that he could treat me the same as my RE did when we were ttc my son. Well apparently he didn’t check my chart, because my RE immediately bumped me up to 250mg of Clomid when we thought the 150mg didn’t work. (side note: I did end up getting pregnant off of the 150mg, but it was a total shock because my follie check ultrasounds never showed any mature follicles)

Since the 150mg worked in the past, I was comfortable starting there this time around. But it doesn’t make any sense to me at all to stick with the same dosage when we just tried it and it failed. It’s not like I ovulated but didn’t get pregnant… I just didn’t ovulate at all!

Ughhh… so now I don’t know what to do! :confused: I love my OB and I don’t want to step on his toes and go back to my RE to help me get pregnant. But at the same time, I don’t want to waste another cycle taking the same dosage that didn’t work. Maybe I should ask my OB’s nurse to check my file and see if they have any record of my treatment plan while I was seeing my RE. If he can see what the RE had planned for me, maybe that will change his mind. I dunno… what do you think I should do??


I think you should pack up and move onto the RE again. While OBs can give clomid and maybe a few follie scans and trigger. They don’t understand the stuff that an RE was trained in. An ob is trained in delievering babies, while an RE is trained in getting women pregnant. I say move on!! OBs use fertility stuff as a hobby.