Still AF cramping! Whats going on??


I am 6 days past my 3 day ET and Im still Experiencing terrible cramping. I did go for an ultrasound two days ago and they said that They saw some small cysts. Which are common with IVF But Now they are starting to feel like AF cramps and are very “pinchy” if that makes sense. I also feel like im going to get AF any minute!
If My IVF wasnt successful, Would I be getting PMS this quickly? Anyone else have a similar experience?


I had HORRIBLE cramping on and off during my 2 week wait… like curl-up-in-a-ball-and-hope-the-pain-goes-away-soon type cramps. They were worse than my normal aunt-flo cramps… I thought for sure it hadn’t worked but I am 13 weeks pregnant today and still doing well! The cramping stopped when I was about 5 1/2 weeks pregnant or so… don’t give up! The cramping may have NOTHING to do with aunt-flo!!

Good Luck to you!!!


Thank you! I swear this 2ww is going to kill me!:grr: