Still sore from ER


How long were you ladies sore for after ER? I don’t think I have OHSS because I don’t have a fever & I don’t think I’ve gained weight although I am bloated. It feels like someone punched me in the gut & it hurts to lay on my stomach. I’ve been laying on a heating pad, drinking gatorade and taking tylenol. Any suggestions? How long will this last for?!


Well you def don’t have to have a fever to have OHSS I did hyperstimulate and I was very sore for about 2 weeks could barely move in bed for several days. My RE did tell me no heating pads or hot baths every RE is different though feel better soon !


It was 5 days post ER before I was able to walk without severe pain. I still had pain after that, but was at least able to walk more comfortably. I didn’t have a smooth cycle though. I did have OHSS & gained 8 lbs. Did your clinic send you home with pain medication? I was in instant pain from ER & was given 2 percoet. However, that was too much for my weight & I ended up sick to my stomach. But, my clinic was willing to send me home with a prescription pain reliever. I have since had surgery & had scar tissue removed, so that was the reason behind the severe pain of ER, as they had to go through the scar tissue to retrieve the eggs…then I ended up a little over simulated. Not fun, but would’ve have been worth it if it had worked. Hope you feel better soon!! Amp up on protein (protein shakes are good, gatorade & rest) to help ward off OHSS. Good luck!!!


Thanks ladies, I hope it doesn’t last too much longer! I was given pain meds right after the retrieval but that was it. I was told to take Advil or Tylenol and use a heating pad if the pain continues. I just didn’t expect it to last days later!


I had 21 eggs retrieved but did not end up getting OHSS. The night of the retreival I could barely walk and when I woke up the next morning I had gained 5 lbs (the next morning though it was all gone). I stayed in bed in pain for 2 more days. Even three days after the ER it hurt to laugh. Hang in there! By the time of my 5dt I was feeling more like myself.


I had 33 retrieved the second time. I was didn’t feel well for a week. But then woke up one day and felt fine. I took a vicodin every night from ER to ET to sleep. I slept sitting up or propped up, that helped with the bloated feeling, feel better :flower:


I’m glad we were able to help! If it gets to the point you have shortness of breath &/or weight gain call your clinic. Hope your cycle is a success! After reading Buckeyes post it made me remember… I was actually given Vicodin after ER…not percoet. Oops! Percoet was given to me after my surgery. Not a big difference, but wanted to clarify that. :nerd:


Sorry youare still not feeling better. With my 3 IVF’s each time the recovery was different. Even with my IUI’s recovery was different. Some I felt fine after 1 day and some it took 2 weeks or so. I found Tylenol really helped. Make sure you eat/drink salty foods and water.
Hope you feel better soon.