Stim Meds 2x a day vs once a day


Just wondering…

Does anyone know what the reasoning behind taking stims twice a day is as a opposed to once a day is?

For example, if you take 300 Follistim per day, why would you take 150 in the AM and 150 in the PM? I know some clinics do this so there must be a reason. I asked my RE today and he said it makes no difference at all. He insists patients take it all at once in the evening because they make adjustments to the dosage once the BW comes back from the lab and that could be as late as 2 pm. It seems to me, having a steady amount of meds in your system would be good thing but maybe not needed with this type of medicine.

Thanks ladies! :babydust: to all!


I don’t know the answer 100% but I have heard for ladies who take higher dosages like above 450, some docs believe the meds are absorbed more efficiently when taken twice a day. It’s mentioned that your body may be only to absorb so much at one time (and not secreting the excess, which gets wasted). Again I don’t know if that’s legit it or not but I guess some docs just have different beliefs.


My IVF in January, they initially had me splitting the dose, 225 in the morning and 75 in the evening. But after the first bloodwork, they changed it to all 300 in the evening. They didn’t give me any explanation for either way or the change, so I’m really no help.


I’ve cycled with two different doctors and at a high dose (600). My first doctor said it made no difference and allowed me to mix my meds and inject 1x/day in my upper arm.

My new RE insists that I split the dose, do separate injections and use my abdomen. I have had similar results from both so I’m not convinced it makes a difference.