Stimulation is impossible.. should I ivf on donor eggs?


Hi ladies…
My doctor did the final examination yesterday … but the thing is as you can remember that my tubes are damadged mechanically as a consequence of not successful abortion … Then my doctor told (as I understand now mostly to comfort me and not because there were great chances) that I could try ivf on my eggs. …after the final check up we found out that the level of my amh decreased sharply. It now showed only 0.6 points, where 10 is considerd to be good. And that may not be so critical if it were the only problem with the ovarian stimulation… but the tests showed hypersensitivity to the meds that are to be used to do that. I immediately start feeling so sick that I can’t stand it… having dizziness, nausea and vomiting. Besides sometimes I start feeling sharp pain in my lower abs. … that’s even if not mentioning my depression. All those symptoms as the doc explained may be caused by impared kidney function, which was later discovered… So, as a result the fact is I’ve lost my chance for an ivf on my eggs. The only way out here is using donor eggs in the ivf program… but here another problem arises… It’s quite difficult to go into ivf here … It takes about 6 months to get a donor only … to get the funding before and then money issue and the whole process… .I doubt if it is a good decision to go for an ivf on donor eggs at all?


oh sweetheart, i’m so sorry for that and I feel for you. but the thing is that with low amh maybe donor egg is your only chance to get pregnant, so it is a good decision. though who am I to decide it for you. My own waiting was less than 3 months…I wouldn’t like to wait for a donor for half a year. I hope you’ll find a solution of your problem. Wishing you all the best.
P.S. if you are going to go overseas, take a closer look at Ukraine as a fertility destination.


You may be quite right… I don’t want to stand that long wait either… I just can’t set my mind on something particular so far… I definitely have to see all the analysis and think that over … though I understand that I don’t have much time here … and the decision is to be made as soon as possible…
And what about fertility clinics in Ukraine? Are they good enough? Where did you get information about them?


to be quite honest 6 months is nothing compared to 1 or 2 years of waiting for a surrogate mother. but of course it is very long when we are talking about egg donation treatment. it surprises me because in my clinic they give you 2 weeks to choose your donor (you can choose up to 5) and then they tell you which one is the best for you and you can basically start stimming. for me it was not that long, definitely not 6 months. and if it is the only thing that scares you, you should go then, there are a lot of options and I see no reasons for you to not opt for a treatment abroad as it is very common these days


“And what about fertility clinics in Ukraine? Are they good enough? Where did you get information about them?” - most fertility centers in Ukraine have their official websites in English so you can get a lot of info there, as well as answers to your questions. there’re also a few agencies that facilitate the process for you but they
“And what about fertility clinics in Ukraine? Are they good enough? Where did you get information about them?” - most fertility centers in Ukraine have their official websites in English so you can get a lot of info there, as well as answers to your questions. there’re also a few agencies that facilitate the process for you but be aware that they take extra money for their service. In our clinic, initial consultation was for free. They also provide you with accommodation and transportation for the time of your staying in Kiev, even in case if you decide not to sign with them.


we contacted clinic directly, no mediators at all. this is a guarantee you get the service for the lowest price. some people feel more safe and protected with the agency. it’s a personal choice. I just wanted to say that dealing directly with the clinic was absolutely alright. each time there was an english speaking person to accompany us. medical staff don’t speak english there. contracts are quite understandable and even available in the official website with all comments (try searching and you’ll get to the official website). it was the most transparent clinic regarding treatment fees. it was one of the reasons why we signed with them


Dear, too hard to read, your story is really full of pain. Perhaps I’m not the best adviser in your case, but having my own experience I can say something.
I want you to slay your disappointment in the bud. You ‘ve recently found out about impossibility to use your own eggs and you shouldn’t fall into depression. It’s just beginning and try to be strong.
On my opinion certainly you have to try de ivf if it works! As for me and other women sometimes it’s not possible way to solve the problem of a childless life except the surrogacy. Great luck to you!


Thank you girls for your advice here and recommendations that will be useful in any case. I’ll definitely study the info about Ukrainian clinics. It sounds like a good option for me. And the prices seem to be quite reasonable. If provided good quality service I wouldn’t doubt going there despite the fact it is abroad.
Hope things are good with you xx


Ukraine is very welcoming country and you’ll def like it. This is also a popular destination for medical tourism, not only assisted reproduction, but also many other kids of treatments that cost several time less than in most western countries and no waiting lists. my uncle traveled to Kiev and got dental service there. everything was fine. his reviews were very good


Hi Lilly! I’m so sorry about the situation you faced. That’s nice you decided to move on with de ivf. We’ve also decided not to use agencies. So we contacted clinics directly and then chose the most suitable one. Agencies have high fees and it will be much cheaper if you go straight to a clinic. Also there are many scammers among them. Pay attention to reviews, positive and negative. Don’t forget to consider rates of successful treatments. Look through official websites of clinics. There you can find prices, services, which they propose and also direct contacts. I hope this info will help you. I wish you best of luck!


Hello, lilly_d. I’m sorry for that. but whatever problems you have, you must know that there are always people who are ready to support you.
and you know, there is also at least one person somewhere in communities with the same issues. From my own experience donor egg IVF is a great thing to do if your owng eggs are not of the best quality. regarding 6-month waiting, yeh it’s a bit too long. In my case it was 2-3 months since signing a contract and before ET. Maybe you need do find a place where it’s faster. good luck !


Hi dear!
Not so long ago I was just like you trying to get any good advices and to make my own choice. And you know what? I did it…I was told about Ukraine and a few clinics there…I can’t say I thought too long to come to Kyiv. I’ve already have experience in this field. I had 3 ivf cycles before, none of them were successful and I decided that I have nothing to lose, especially if it’s not very expensive.
I didn’t know whether this attempt would be with desirable result but i chose to trust in success. I can tell you for sure that the clinic in kiev is not worse than other european ones. Medical personnel was pretty friendly, I like the way they treat their clients, without extra fuss, it wasn’t a luxury clinic but still it was comfortable and nice for us.
When I found out that I’m pregnant with twins I was over the moon! actually, I still am. Don’t give your disease a chance, fight it! xxx