Storing Baby Gear


Hi Ladies,
My 9 month old has grown out of his swing, bouncy seat, vibrating chair, baby tub etc. We live in a 2bedroom townhouse with absolutely NO storage space. How has everyone else store their items that they no longer are using. My DH threw out the boxes they all came in (my original plan was to re-pack these items in their boxes and store them in my grandmother’s attic). Now with no boxes any advice on how to protect these items in her attic or garage?


We had a similar problem, no boxes and no space. So, we used garbage bags and covered the neccessary parts for attic storage. Guess we’ll see how it holds up. I’m kinda wishing we had bought from a second hand store and then jsut resold when done…oh well.


We doubled up on garbage bags and then taped them shut. Ours were in storage for about a year before we got them down. I just made sure to take all the cloth off and wash them and then cleaned the frames really well. I think that should be fine. Good luck.


Target sells some massive boxes I was able to get pack and play, car seats, etc… into.

The swing was too tall as was the bouncer, so I went the garbage bag route.

I’ll be unpacking soon so we’ll see how it goes.


Garbage bags work. We pulled ours down from the attic after 3 years and everything was in good condition. We washed it all and it was as good as new.