Stressed out over hcg levels!


I had a beta on 14 days post trigger so 12-13 doo and it was 37.4. I went back today 16 days post triggers 14-15dpo and it had rose to 60.8. My RE didn’t seem concerned but asked me to come back next week for another beta. And booked an ultrasound… I’m just stressing that the numbers are too low and not doubling. :frowning:


Sorry you are stuck in beta hell! :grouphug:

My sister had a non-doubling beta and now her daughter is 5 months old!

Fingers crossed for you and sending :bsv:



I was always told they wanted doubling in 48-72 hours. Your betas may not have doubled in 48 hours, but they’re within the 72 hour window, easily. :clap:

Sorry you have to deal with this stress!