Hello. I have been TTC for 19 months now. We didn’t really “try” the first 6 months, we thought we’d just let nature take its course. The second 6 months we did BBT and OPK. Finally we went to the doctor and got our infertility work up.
Turns out I have one blocked fallopian tube, a hydrosalpinx, and my husband has a low sperm count. This was very surprising to us, because he has two children from a previous marriage that I am a full-time Mom to :grouphug: . The doctor was still very optimistic that we could concieve with IUI or even natrually. So we took a month off to go on vacation and enjoy the summer and then got back to work.
We’ve been trying to do an IUI for 4 months now, but for 3 out of the 4 months I have ovulated on the closed side :grr: . One of the months the doctor was out of town and we do not know what side we ovulated on.
At this point I am discouraged, angry, sad, and feel very alone. My husband is very supportive, but doing everything right and then having to go through this is maddening! Plus, it seems as though everyone around me is suddenly pregnant.
So now I get to hear all the time about how I should just relax and it’ll happen or it will happen when the time is right… grrrr. Really?
I’m hoping this community will bring some sanity and hope to this process. I mean, heck, I haven’t even had to deal with failed IUI’s or possible IVF yet and already feel a loss all the time.


I get where you’re coming from

A lot of ppl around us don’t understand that when you go through these fertility treatments, there is an expectation that you will get pregnant. When it doesn’t happen, it’s not as bad as a miscarriage, but there IS a grieving process.

I was just beginning the whole process of finding out my (and my hubby’s) fertility issues when my school (of 25 teachers) had 6 teachers out on mat. leave. Everyone was making jokes about it like, “don’t drink the water”. It hurt, a bunch. But it wasnt their faults. It just sucks sometimes.


[COLOR=“Blue”][FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]Mamma, the whole process is trying. We want to be able to have things happen quickly but that, unfortunately, doesn’t always happen. Being patient is difficult - and like you said, you haven’t even been able to try any of the options yet - hang in there, you’ll get there before you know it.

Come here, vent, discuss, ask questions…the ladies here are fantastic.

Good luck.[/FONT]


Thank you :slight_smile: . I definitely think that just being able to vent will help. Also, like you said, the fact that I haven’t been able to try the options upsets me. I never knew I would want a baby soooooo bad. It makes a month seem like the longest thing ever!
Still, I feel better today. I feel like I HAVE to stay positive and keep doing that baby dance. I appreciate the support.