Stroller advise


Hi All,

Yea! I’m actually shopping for a double stroller:woohoo: !! But I am completely lost! Can anyone recommend a brand and model and is front and backer better or side by side??

Thanks so much!!!:flower:


I’m not sure that you can put an infant seat in the side by side one. I am just starting to look now. A friend told me that once they are both able to interact, a side by side one is great but until then, front and back is better. I bet everyone has their own opinion on that.


I have the bumbleride twin and can’t recommend it enough. It’s side by side but fits through every door, light, easily foldable, accepts one infant car seat, and reclines almost fully flat.


this is our prob too!!! i forget the name but theres a double jogger side by side that fit 2 carseats , i have a side by side combi that fits one carseat and toddler on the side … my prob with side by sides is when the kids fight!! but it fit through doors!! but sometimes not store isles … in my case i have a used triple tandem stroller for by myself trips and im getting a kolcraft tandum contour stroller when dh is with me it can be used like a snap n go for twins or a baby n toddler or 2 toddlers


When the baby is born I’ll have a 13 month old and new born so I only need to fit one infant seat. My friend with twins likes the side by side because the the front and back created problems like kicking the seat and pulling hair and who gets the front. But then I’ve heard side by side is hard to get in places. Uggggg why so tough???