Strollers for twins


Ok, so I can’t find one area where lots of ladies are talking about their choices…so hoping I can get some advice from current twin mommies.

We are looking at the City Mini stroller for our twins, and Britax Marathon 70 car seats…only issue is, what do i do when they are newborn? I hear you can put them in the City Mini, with support but wanted others opinions.

Also, any other stroller suggestions.

Mel - expecting twins in June, but probably more like May the doc says


I’m not a current twin mommy but I have also been researching strollers…I will also be getting the city mini but I will put them in the baby trend double snap n go stroller when they are infants. It will just be more convenient to do it that way since the double snap n go will take infant carseats…I’m not sure all the brands that will fit, but we will be getting the chicco key fit 30 infant seats which is listed as one of the seats that fits

I researched a lot of other double strollers and it seems baby jogger has the best rated ones…they have the baby jogger city select, which has great reviews, but when you add the extra seat and attachments you’re looking at spending around $1000 for it…so, that’s why we’re going with the double snap n go in the beginning then to the city mini…hope that helps



I don’t have any advice to offer, but I was so ecstatic to see this post of yours!! I am so happy for you.

I must be crazy, but Dh and I decided to do another fresh cycle. Depending on when AF arrives we’ll cycle in Jan or Feb.



If anyone is interested in the Baltimore area, I’m selling my Baby Trend double snap & go. PM me if you want more info.


Double snap n go is the way to go when they are infants! You can generally pick on up on Craigslist for around 20-40 dollars- its a hundred dollars new and it won’t be used for too long so I recommend used. My girls are four months old now and we are still using it! Now that they are getting bigger I am noticing that it is getting harder to push, however it is light and easy to get out of the car. We will be getting the city mini soon too, but almost every twin mom that I have talked with likes the snap n go!


We have twins who are two years old and used the snap and go with compatible Graco car seats. I purchased the Maclaren originally and hahated it. The seats were too narrow and it was difficult to push. I made the leap and purchased the Bumbleride twin stroller and love it. We live near the beach and you can push this stroller with one finger. The twins have plenty of room to grow and are really happy in this stroller. The fold is a little awkward so look on utube to show how it works. I use two lightwieght combi flare singles for air travel and keep the big chariot Bumbleride in the garage and car for local trips. Congrats on the twins its amazing:flower:


I plan on using the double snap n’ go to start with, as I hear it is definitely the way to go. For what to buy next… hmmmm have heard good things about the city select/City mini dbl. stroller, bumbleride, the mountain baby duet.

So, keep the suggestions coming if you have twins and love your strollers! I have been told to not get a tandem style once they are bigger. They don’t like to be one behind the other, and do better sitting side by side. Just thought I’d share that!

Congrats to all of you who had twins or are going to be having them! I need to get busy and do a registry! So much to do, and so little time! :slight_smile:

Other items I have heard were very good are: Aden & anais swaddler blankets and Halo sleep sacks!


Not having twins, but I will have a 2 year old when baby arrives as well. So I am looking at doubles too. I’ve decided on the bumbleride indie twin I think. it does take two maxi cosi carseats for twins, seated stadium style. If anyone is interested. Bumbleride isn;t as widespread and popular, but their customers and customer service is fabulous. I just got a bumbleride flite for my 2 year old and love it.


Also not a twin mommy but my sister is! She went with the snap and go for infants then she bought a jogging stroller from a member of her local twins club. But for current everyday use she bought
[B][SIZE=2]Combi Twin Sport Ex Stroller - Cranberry Noche[/SIZE][/B]

from babies r us during a trade in deal (20% off). She loves it because if folds into almost the size of a single stroller and fits better in the van…


[SIZE=3]I got Baby Jogger- City Select. It’s a little pricey but you’ll be set for several years.



We’re going to use a Peg Perego stroller with the 30/30 car seats/travel system for the triplets. The company also makes stuff for twins. The seats are for babies and children 5 to 30 pounds and up to 30 inches. The car seat bases stay in the vehicle and the seats can be detached and put onto a stroller frame:
Peg Perego Official Website | United States | Baby Products | For Multiples

Another stroller we looked at was the Runabout, which makes strollers for twins and more:
RunAbout Strollers - Triplet strollers, Twin strollers, Quadruplet strollers and more
The seats can be tilted back and adjusted for infants. It’s a good & sturdy product but the only problem with this one is that it’s only a stroller and the seats don’t double as car seats.

Another stroller we saw online but didn’t see in person was the Double Decker:
Double Decker Twin Strollers and Triplet Strollers - Tandem Baby Strollers


I love the peg 30/30 carseats. great choice, im my research and opinion, best infant seats on the market. We got it for my DD, and will use it for this new baby too.


I used the Double Snap n Go stroller and loved it. It’s so quick and easy, plus it has a big basket and cupholders. My girls were in their infant car seats until 12 months, so we got lots of use out of it.

Now I’m using the City Mini and it’s also great. It’s easy to steer, and the sun canopies can’t be beat. My only complaints: the basket is hard to access, and it has no cupholders, child trays, etc. All the extras have to be purchased separately. I would still recommend it though.

If you’re getting a side-by-side, make sure you can fit through doors! Even the City Mini can be a tight squeeze, and it’s one of the more narrow side-by-sides that I looked at.


My babies are about two months old and we LOVE our double snap and go! Its so easy to get the girls out of the car when they are sleeping and I don’t have to wake them up! It only takes about 2 minutes to get us all loaded or unloaded which is really nice for the colder weather. Also, I think someone mentioned before, but check if your area has a Twin Mama club. If you have one, then you may be able to hook up with someone who can sell you the whole setup! (Thats what I did! I got my 2 carseats and stroller for $140!)