Hi Everyone, I was wondering if I could please get some advise on strollers! I am looking for a double and not sure of a brand and model. AND… is a front and back better or side by side? Any thoughts and advise would be great.


Personally I’m getting the one that fits my car seat. There is only one option for that CHicco so it narrows it down.

just a consideration.


Contours Options Tandem Stroller - Ruby : Target

My friend has twins and has this stroller and I think its awesome. The seats rotate and recline. It is long but has a huge basket underneath. When her twins were babies their chico carseats snapped into is also. If I had twins this is what I would buy.

Wow natural :bfp: Congrats! You’re going to be one busy lady!


2010 VISTA Stroller

I also talked to a women about this stroller while shopping in Atlanta. It is way smaller than a twin, easier to maneuver. If I had the money and I had two kiddos close in age I would buy this one!! If you add the Rumbleseat and the piggyback you could be pushing around 3 kiddos all at once. It also adapts with carseats. She had a 2 yo and a 4 mo old. WOW it was nice. Top of the line for sure! The Kolcraft is nice but this is NICE. If you have the money I would recommend this one


I have a kolcraft tandem red. Irbid great because you can put the Carseat in the stroller with the adapter. It fits many models. I also have a side by side running stroller. The girls love it but i can’t go any where with it because it is too wide. I tried to take it to target and couldn’t look at any of the clothes. I use the front and back kolcraft exclusively up until they turned a year. Then I switched to a wagon. They love the wagon and don’t get very fussy in it. The side by side is for walks only. Good