Struggles to get pregnant wit


I’ve been away from this forum for awhile…three years to be exact. During the struggles to get pregnant with my daughter a few years ago this forum provided so much support. Being from a very “fertile family” (gag!)…this forum is one of the only places to get the information I need and ask the questions without judgement.
Getting pregnant with my daugter took a while…a couple years of meds and 3 IUI’s but then we got a :bfp: !!!
We’ve been trying for Baby #2 now for over a year and a half. I’ve had 14 IUI’s now, a Diagnostic Laparoscopy, a hysteroscopy with removal of numerous polyps from my uterus (caused by the Clomid), 6 months of Clomid and now 4 months of Femara. I am literally an emotional mess all the time and just need some encouragement…and advice.