Struggling with excess weight


Since starting over with fertility treatments in September I have gained over 15 pounds gone up at least one bra size and 2 pants sizes. It’s been worth it to get my Bfp but this is only the beginning of my pregnancy and if all goes well a lot more weight will be put on. How do I get used to this new image? It’s a little difficult for me right now.



I think this is more of a mind thing. I would not really worry about it. Enjoy the new fabulous you and go on a shopping spree. If it really bothers you try doing mini work outs at the gym or walking on the treadmill. You are :preg: now you are allowed to gain a little weight.

Good luck with your :preg: and wish your much success.


I gained 15 pounds from fertility treatments, and then another 22 with my pregnancy. The good news is that with breastfeeding (and giving birth :D), the pregnancy weight disappeared nearly instantly. In the 5 months since, the fertility treatment weight is also coming off – slowly since I have absolutely no time for going to the gym, but it is coming off. It’s a bit hard not being able to fit into some of my old clothes or look the way I used to, it was much easier to accept while I was still pregnant, I guess because you have to buy maternity stuff anyway. But it’s oh, so very very worth it!!

Congrats on your pregnancy!


We are always more judgemental of ourselves than others are of us. Try doing things like getting a weekly manicure, wearing a pretty bright lipstick, getting facials, etc… anything that can help to make you feel better about yourself. The weight will come off in time and you will probably be so thrilled with your new little one to care.

I’d voluntarily gain 20lbs just to be able to have a baby right now.

Best of luck!