Subchorionic hematoma at 8 weeks and lovenox


So I had my ultrasound today and baby had a heart beat of 176 and is measuring perfect at 8 weeks two days. I also had a subchorionic hematoma. The tech said it was 1/4 the size of the gestational sac so she called it small. I am also on aspirn and lovenox. Does anyone have any information on these? I have googled it and get mixed results. I haven’t spoke to my RE yet as we are far away and the results need to be faxed to him.

Any suggestions, links to sites, or advice would be appreciated. After all we go through it is always something! Why can’t I just have a normal pregnancy with no major issues :grr:


Also should I expect to bleed? I have not had any spotting yet? What will my RE suggest? Bed rest?


[quote=Perseverance]Also should I expect to bleed? I have not had any spotting yet? What will my RE suggest? Bed rest?[/quote] I don’t have personal experience with this diagnosis but I think it wise to chill on the couch with your feet up will you get some direction from your doc. I have often heard that bed rest is recommended and I have learned that means feet up. I’m sure it will clear up soon, especially since it is small. The odds are things will be just fine and I think it is fairly common in the first trimester. :grouphug::bsv:


I don’t have experience with this particular issue, but I do have A LOT of experience with high risk, complicated pregnancies. Hang in there. Trust your gut. Have faith and pray, pray, pray. I will definitely keep you in my prayers:)



I have experience with both of these things: They found a rather large SCH at the beginning of this pregnancy, and I’m on Lovenox.

First, be glad it’s a “small” SCH. U/s techs see a lot of these, so she knows what she’s talking about. The Lovenox may or may not make it more likely to bleed… All of this is a sort of wait-and-see, inexact science.

You MIGHT bleed. I bled a number of times before mine started to heal itself and shrink, and each time I was terrified that it was the end. (Quick note: I was pregnant with triplets originally and lost two of them, but not because of the SCH).

They monitor me almost weekly and it all looks better every time – right now, there is virtually no SCH left at all. I am 14 weeks pregnant.

I don’t know why you’re on Lovenox, (I’m on it for antiphospholipid antibody syndrome), but after the first major bleed, my RE ordered me off the aspirin on the side. It might be a good idea to ask your doctor if it’s time to stop taking yours too.

In the meantime, try not to get toooooo worried. Easier said than done, I know… I freaked myself out by looking everything up on the internet as well. Just play it a day at a time and take it a little slower than you normally would. Most of the time these things heal themselves.

Best wishes!


I have experiences with SCH. I found out about my first SCH when I had a GUSH of blood at about 7 weeks. But no pain. I thought I was miscarrying…but it turned out to be a SCH. The babies were fine…but I did miscarry this pregnancy later on.

My 2nd SCH happened during my current pregnancy…(which is healthy and 20 weeks along!)…I spotted from about 11 weeks till about 15 weeks. The monitored me thru weekly ultrasounds during this time. I was on pelvic rest only (no sex). And I generally took it easy (no exercise) but I by no means put my feet up…I am on my feet all day at work (I teach).

So my experience is that you will bleed at some point…it could all come out in a gush or you could spot lightly for weeks.

I would call your RE RIGHT AWAY about the aspirin. I have read widely that you should NOT TAKE NSAID pain relievers during pregnancy (aspirin, Advil, etc.). You should only take Tylenol. Also, aspirin is used in fertility treatments to increase blood flow to the uterus (I believe it thins your blood slightly). I’m guessing if you have a SCH you don’t want blood flowing to your uterus. Seriously check with your RE about the aspirin use…MSNBC did a story a few months ago how NSAIDs can cause early miscarriage, etc.

GOOD LUCK! SCH can be a pain and worry…but usually things turn out okay.



thanks for the responses. My RE is keeping me on asprin and lovenox for the time being. If the SCH gets bigger we will talk about discontinuing those. I am on a baby aspirn and lovenox because a I have lupis anitbodies and I am Hetero for MTHFR. I think the studies on asprin are in larger doses than the baby aspirn. I am worried that my SCH is just starting and will get bigger. Nothing I can do but wait a week and see what happens. My RE said to do limited activity which means no sex, lifting over 10 lbs and no exercise. I am taking the elevator at work and making DH do must of the cleaning. My RE said they see it in 5% or pregnancies and they usually don’t cause major difficulties, but can and they can stay for the whole pregnancy. Please :pray: for me if you think of it. I am worried and today I don’t feel any sickness (I have been having all day sickness) so I feel that I have lost the baby.


I have worried that I lost the baby just about every day since the SCH was discovered in this pregnancy – just like you. The weekly u/s has been a sanity saver for me.

Don’t let yourself stress about not having symptoms. I have dreadful all-day sickness when pregnant, and around week 9-10 had days where I didn’t feel it, so I panicked… But needlessly. It all came back, and I STILL have it. Again, you will stress yourself silly over this. Just understand it’s normal.

As for bleeding, I had to HUGE episodes of it in the beginning, then spotting off and on for several weeks, and now it’s mostly gone.

:pray: for you and your little one when it crosses my mind.




I am 14 weeks pregnant after my first ivf and was just diagnosed with SCH today after experiencing a rush of blood while out shopping. I was devastated. Theultrasound showed a perfectly healthy baby, but I feel so helpless. Thanks for your posts. It helps to know that others have come thru this with good outcomes.


I have been diagnosed with an SCH as well.

They saw a small bleed at 6w 4d, had some brown bleeding at 7w, and then had a large gush at 7w3d. u/s the next day showed baby with hb of 158 but the bleed was 3.5cm (as large as the sac). I have had a couple of more bleeding episodes in the past week, went back for an u/s yesterday (8 w, 4 d) and the bleed is a bit larger 3.9 x 2.5cm. But baby is doing great hb at 178, measuring right on my dates.

I am on pelvic rest, taking it easy, no lifting but otherwise going on with my life, working etc. I haven’t had a large bleed since last Saturday, with a bit of brown spotting last week. Hopefully it starts to shrink. I go back in 2 weeks to check on it, although if I want my RE told me to pop in next Friday if I am concerned and want to check on baby. My RE seems pretty confident that it will shrink in the next 6 weeks.

95% of SCH turn out fine, and women deliver a healthy baby, especially those in the 1st trimester.

All the best!



I was diagnosed with an SCH at around 5 weeks pregnant. I spotted a tiny tiny bit and just so happened to have my drs appt the next day. If i wouldnt have been in the restroom at the exact moment i spotted, i may have never known, thats how small it was. Mine did not go away right at first. It continued to get larger, and I was so scared. I never did have an episode of bleeding after the spotting. I am now 30 weeks, and it is long gone :slight_smile: What I can tell you from what my RE said is the position of the bleed has alot to do with the success of the pregnancy. my baby was above the bleed so they said that was good. If the bleed is above the babys sac they get worried. They told me that SCH is super common among ppl, but most never even know they had it because it usually resolves itself by 12 weeks or so and thats when ppl normally get their first u/s. I was put on pelvic rest and told not to lift anything over 20 lbs.


I had a SCH at around 6-7 weeks… It grew large enough to lose of my twins (it probably could be a reason to attribute to losing of the twins) and by the time i had my nt scan at 11w4d it was almost gone. The dr wasnt sure if it was a sch or a fibroid.
Neverthless, can u ladies pls tell me what u mean by pelvic rest? Whats the difference between pelvic rest and modified bed rest?


Pelvic rest means no BD :dance: :slight_smile:


He he… is that all? Just no BD?


I hope people are still reading this post. What was your treatment for a SCH? I was told they would follow it with ultrasounds until it was gone, well I went to an ob yesterday (my RE is pushing me to find a dr.) and he told me that scans would be unnecessary since there is no treatment. Well I disagree because I am on blood thinners and if it got larger I would put myself on bedrest. I have sent an email to my RE to get his opinion, but I am wondering what everyone else’s treatment was?


I knew I was forgetting something you asked lol!!! My RE and dr both said there is no treatment. They recommended pelvic rest to me, and said no lifting anything heavy. I work out of home so I put myself on modified bed rest to ease my mind a little. I figured it couldnt hurt anything. The only thing they said to do that could help a little was to drink tons and tons or water because that increases the amniotic fluid which may help to decrease the SCH. They said the SCH only goes away in two different ways. One, it absorbs as the baby grows larger. Two, as the baby grows larger, it gets pushed out and you pass it, by bleeding or clotting.


As far as I am aware there is no treatment other than pelvic rest, sometimes bed rest depending on how large the bleed and how far along you are, no lifting taking it easy etc.

My RE was pretty specific about pelvic rest: no sex, no orgasms and nothing that would cause uterine contractions such as nipple stimulation.

I go back on Monday at 10 weeks to see how it is doing. Hopefully it will have shrunk a bit.



I have a SCH as well, or had rather.

The big thing with SCH is to not worry. They encourage no sex and no heavy lifting as to not cause a bleed to occur, but there is no treatment and bedrest isn’t helpful at making it any bigger or smaller.

I am on baby aspirin (I assume this is what you mean by aspirin, low dose aspirin…very different from pain reliever aspirin which should be avoided in pregnancy) As well as blood thinner injections for a clotting disorder. it is not necessary to stop these, and actually sometimes dr’s use them to attempt to shrink/dissolve the SCH. though its not an approved treatment for SCH specifically.

Hope this helps.

As for the u/s yes they are reassuring for us, and at first they will do 2-3 to see if the SCH is shrinking or growing, but the Dr is right, there is nothing they can do to treat the SCH, so really the u/s are unnecessary. If you were actively bleeding from the SCH, that would be a different story, as its change affecting the SCH and the size, occurrence need to me checked up on.


I had a SCH during my pregnancy that never went away completely. I was also on lovenox + baby aspirin and took them throughout the pregnancy for anticardiolipin syndrome. I bled heavily (with cramps) twice, once in the first tri and once in the second and spotted frequently. It turned out that I also had mild placenta previa which eventually resolved. I was on bedrest for a couple of weeks following the bleeds, pelvic rest and restricted activity for the duration of the pregnancy. It was totally scary and stressful, but I’m happy to say that today my little boy is 4 months old and perfectly healthy! Hang in there – chances are that everything will be just fine. =)


I was diagnosed with a SCH at 8 weeks after a trip to the emergency room due to immense amounts of blood–I was CONVINCED I had lost the twins. That was the end of September, and I have just now been clear of spotting for 3 weeks. Initially my doctor advised modified bed rest, limiting my use of stairs, staying off my feet, no lifting over 8lbs (about a gallon of milk), pelvic rest (including no “manual stimulation” if you know what I mean, to limit uterine contractions), and LOTS LOTS LOTS of water. Ultrasounds were done two weeks apart, and after 4 weeks we saw a lot of shrinkage in the SCH, so I was taken off of bed rest but pelvic rest was to continue until I went 3 solid weeks without spotting. It made for a VERY stressful first trimester.

But, my SCH is barely noticeable now, twins are doing great (we have our anatomy scan today but they were measuring on time two weeks ago) and are very active.

My advice with the SCH is to NEVER overwork yourself–I noticed if I had days where I pushed myself to stay on my feet more I would have an increase in spotting-- DRINK LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER because dehydration can cause uterine contractions and more bleeding/spotting, and ALWAYS reach out to your physician if you have any concerns, and if you feel your physician isn’t monitoring you enough, SWITCH. My doctor told me I had a 25% chance of losing my twins because of this thing, but that spotting was okay as long as I wasn’t soaking a pad in an hour or anything like that.

There’s also a whole community on BabyCenter for those with SCHs that has a lot of information and stories about it, and that helped me get through a LOT while I was on bed rest.