Subchorionic Hematoma/Hemorrhage


Hi !

Has anyone had a Subchorionic Hematoma/Hemorrhage ?
Also known as a bleed in in the uterus?

I’m 5w4d and yesterday I was diagnosed with one. I’m not sure if it’s a Large one or small one but I know it’s kind of close to the gestational sac and that’s why I have to be put on bed rest until Monday when my actual Doctor can do an U/S.

They told me to stop taking my baby aspirin and to do two shots of PIO a day. That should coagulate it.

I’m just nervous. I did a big no no and googled. I saw some women on bed rest for weeks on end.

What has your experience been like ?


there’s a thread on here with a few women with the same issue


I saw your post and wanted to respond but did not have time then. Sorry to just now be answering. We had a very large one with our first son. Found out about it at the NT scan (about 12 weeks in), previous to this we had been through 3 miscarriages and never made it that far. So needless to say we were really afraid we were going to lose a fourth!

I was on lovenox (blood thinner) at the time and was told to stop immediatly. I was very reluctant but did what I was told to do. The bleed gradually went away after this and was gone at about 20 weeks. The high risk doctor told me later that she thought I was going to miscarry. My little boy is about to turn three years old now! I know it is hard not to worry but all can turn out well.


Hi Chelle,

I started bleeding at around 8 1/2 weeks due to a subchronic hematoma. It was so scary!! I was put on bed rest for about two weeks. I’m currently 14 1/2 weeks and although I still have it, its no longer bleeding. Thank God!!

Don’t worry too much about it, I know is super scary to see bright red blood but my RE said this is very common.

My advice is, when you start to bleed a lot just rest. This would make the bleeding better.

I wish you all the best!!