subchorionic hemorrage ?


hi, Has anyone else experienced a subchorionic hemorrage ? I had the fright of my life this morning when all of a sudden I felt very dizzy, then cramps that got really bad quickly, I decided to go back to bed but then saw blood dripping down my legs, which quickly became almost like a flood. We called my RE & rushed over & had an US, baby was Ok but the RE found a subchorionic hemorrage, and said I would most likely bleed for about a week & to take it easy. plus, my blood pressure was sky high, 144 over 100, so I am taking it really eay for the next 7 days.

I was so worried but just wondered if anyone else has been through this same fright as me?

I am 9 weeks, 2 days, we just had an US 2 days ago & everything looked fine!


Lucy- Many on here have had SCH, including me. It is very scary when you start gushing blood.
If you search for subchorionic hemorhage (sp) you will find lots of posts about these. In your case, it may also be the other twin sac trying to leave… did your doctor mention that at all? The only thing they can really do is tell you to lay down as much as possible and stay hydrated. SCH’s either have to reabsorb on their own or bleed out. It is great that the other baby looks good. I wish you lots of luck for the rest of your pregnancy. Rest, stay hydrated, and make sure your doctor does another u/s next week so that you can see if it is shrinking or growing. :grouphug: