Subchorionic hemorrhage


Has anyone had this? I did my first round of ivf and last weekend tested before my beta and it was bfn. Monday, I had my first beta of 21 and the nurse said it is positive but we are “on thin ice”. Came back Wednesday and it was 32, doctor called this time and said it went up 50% which is a min to him but since the number was so low, would have liked to see more. Friday it was 90 and they said to book an ob scan in a week to make sure it is growing in the right place. I was out of progesterone (crinone) on Friday and didn’t get some samples until 2pm. When I went to put it in, I had brown spotting. By dinner time, it was bright red and a lot of clotting and has been so since. It is now Sunday morning and I m still heavily bleeding with clots. The hpts still read positive. I talked to my doctor who said come back Monday for hcg and he hopes for the best. I am assuming I miscarried…but don’t get why my number almost tripled the same day. I have continued with my progesterone but worry it is falling right out with the blood. I take it and lay down for a couple of hours. I’ve read about SCH and wonder if that may be going on. I am 5 weeks today and still on progesterone so this amount of blood seems excessive for this early of a miscarriage. Anyone experience something similar?