Subchoroonic hemmatoma


I’m about 13 weeks and have been diagnosed with SCH. This has been going on for a little over two weeks. My doctors put me on pelvic rest… She wasn’t very deatiled just told hubby to take cold showers so I’m assuming no sex. So does this mean nothing else either… Sorry if tmi but I’m sure you ladies can relate how frustrating it can be with raging hormones and not being able to have intercourse.


Sorry to hear about your SCH! I hope it resolves soon, but it can sometimes be a while. Make sure and ask for more information if you aren’t sure, but pelvic rest means NO orgasms or any kind, brought on by any kind of stimulation. It also can mean no lifting, no exercising, no baths, no swimming.

Be lucky that you just had pelvic rest mandated! Many of us have it the entire pregnancy! :woohoo:

If you need more information, call your OB. Good luck with your pregnancy. Stay hydrated and lay down when you can, it does help the SCH shrink. SCH can be serious so please don’t take the pelvic rest directions lightly!


I had a really horrifying experience yesterday. I was at a lunch meeting and just starting gushing blood. It was bright red and just poured out. Thank God I was wearing a black skirt and sitting on a red chair, because it was everywhere. I discreetly excused myself, went to the bathroom, and it was awful. It was everywhere and all I could think to do was stuff paper towels in my underwear and drive straight to my OB’s office. I was absolutely sure I had lost the baby.
They get me in for an ultrasound right away, and there’s the baby, measuring 12w1d and kicking away like crazy, with a healthy heartbeat. Turns out I have a subchorionic bleed, and while it should resolve, it’s very scary. It’s the most terrifying thing I have ever experienced. I’ve been ordered to take it easy and go back next week for another ultrasound. I don’t have any cramping and the bleeding has mostly stopped. I just have a little bit of brown spotting today. Ugh…this pregnancy was picture perfect until yesterday and I just cannot imaging losing this little one after all that we went through!!

I’m glad to connect with those that have had a similar experience. And, we were told no intercourse either. Kind of a bummer since we just started again after our IVF dry spell of a couple months. But, I’m totally fine with it if it will help heal this faster. I just want this to go away. I’s terrifying!


Im on pelvic rest and my nurse called to tell me the rules…

  1. No sex, no orgasm
  2. No breast stimulation ( can make you go into labor)
  3. No pools or tubs.
  4. No traveling in a car for over an hour
  5. No traveling on plane at all
  6. No lifting anything over 20lbs ( im sticking to 10lbs to be safe)
  7. If you have a desk job put a stool underneath and elevate your legs.

I think thats all. I take the subway and a bus and she was like… thats fine… just no straight car rides or bus rides for over an hour.


My SCH was noticed in the 2nd tri, and I was already under restrictions for vasa previa, so just continued those: no intercourse and no lifting above 10lbs. I avoided stimulation and orgasm too as all of those things can cause problematic contractions. I know it’s rough!

Hopefully it will only take a few weeks to heal and you can enjoy the rest of the pregnancy. Hope all is well soon!


Me too… :frowning:

Im glad to find you ladies and your current stories. There are so many out there on the internet, but it would be nice to watch you ladies go through this and see the outcome.

Lisse - Wow your RE is awesome to give you a detailed list. Thanks for sharing. I didn’t read anywhere else or know about the breast stimulation. Or pools or about putting feet up at work. This all makes good sense and I will do what ever possible. And no car drive for over and hour - that sucks, since my RE is 2.5 hours away :frowning: and now he wants to see me once a week!

My story: (Sorry for the book, I hope this helps someone!)

6w2d - I saw some pink when wiping. I called my RE’s nurse and she said with IVF pregnancy this is common. Because of all the hormones its possible that a blood vessel broke or the uterus is irritated.

6w3d and 6w4d - I had a burst of blood come out once each of these days. Bright red maybe about 1/2 cup each time. I called my nurse again and she said as long as I don’t have cramps or I am not filling up a pad in an hour then everything should be fine, this is common she said.

6w5d - I was wreck! I needed to know what was happening. I called my OB and he got me in that day. This is when we were shocked to find two babies with heartbeats :slight_smile: I felt better for a week.

7w1d - I was at work and felt heavier spotting so I put on a big pad and waited. Then I went to the bathroom and clots came out. I was freaked again and I investigated each one. I was sure I lost one baby. A few minutes later I had a gush of water come out, I was sure that was amniotic fluid. That night the blood was worse. I went to bed and woke up to pee and what seemed like 2 liters of blood came out of me, it was really bad. This happened once more the next morning. There were no clots but this should mean Im soaking a pad is less than an hour I thought!! Still no cramping.

7w3d - My RE got me in to see him for an emergency U/S. We saw both babies with great heartbeats. The RE explained that one sac had tore away a bit to cause the bleeding, then the bleeding will eventually make a clot. He measured my clot at 9cm!! He said that it looked to still have an active bleed inside of it, but the flow was flowing towards my cervix so that was good for bleeding it out. He didn’t say but it seemed the clot was above the babies and not between the uterus and sacs. He also let me know that my cervix is closed and that is a good sign, also that my uterus is really big, which is good right now because of the two babies and huge clot - they currently looked to all have their own room in my big uterus (I normally might take that offensively, but I was liking my big fat uterus this day).

Right now I have an appointment scheduled tomorrow. Like I said my RE wants to see me weekly. The more I read (and I don’t have insurance) the more I might think twice about this. There is nothing my RE can do each week, except for make me feel better or worse depending on what this clot is doing. It sounds like its up to me to take it easy and up to my body to get rid of the stupid thing. I feel pretty good that I haven’t had another big bleed and the blood I see now is brown and old looking. I hope this is a good sign and my clot has gone down some!

I read today that only 1-3% of SCH cases end up in pregnancy loss. That made me feel good. I should have stopped reading there! Im dumb.

I hope us ladies can keep each other updated. I would like to know how all of you are doing and Id like a place to go if Im having a bad day. As you all already know, when you see blood, it feels like a bad thing all the time :slight_smile:*


Hi amrock!
Thank you for sharing your story. I’m sorry this is happening to you. I know how absolutely terrifying it is.
I go back a week from today for a scan and all I can do is pray that it is resolving. I haven’t bled any more red blood since the “big bleed” at 11w5d. I’m 13w today and I’ve just had minimal brown spotting. I’m trying to take it easy as well, but no strict bed rest. I’m just sitting or laying down 90% of the day. I am going to work because I have a desk job and I can just sit here with my feet up and work. I’m just so ready to LIVE again.
I have also read the internet horror stories. I know it’s not healthy, but I can’t stop. I am on my stupid iPhone constantly googling this. Way too much information but that’s how I work with everything in life. I have to gather as much information as I possibly can and then obsess over everything. It’s definitely not good for me but it’s just me I guess. I need to throw my phone in the trash! And, my computer too while I am at it! :slight_smile:
Best of luck to you and yes, please stay in touch. Feel free to PM me or whatever.
I’ll be thinking of you and your babies!


Hi Rubes :slight_smile:

I hate hate hate that we are all going through this stupid bleeding. Its horrible and not right. However I am thankful that I found this current board and can go through it with people who have the same thing now.

I need to get off the internet too. I wake up in the middle of the night and obsess over some detail. I google the same thing in different ways to see if there is anything different to read. I feel like I have read it all and some things twice.

I went to the RE on Friday and we saw the clot went from 9cm to 6cm. He said that it also looks all clotted up and there is not a fresh bleed in there, he said something about the clot having lines that indicate to him that it is all clotted and that is a good sign for now. Im very pleased with this. The babies grew, but their sacs not so much (Ill Google that later), both of them had great heartbeats. He said that the clot was leaking in a path that went by the babies and out in a direction that looked to be non-disruptive to them. He explained to me this time that the clot is over the babies, hopefully that is better than next to one or between one and the uterus.

He seemed pleased enough to say that he would see me in 2 weeks instead of 1 this time.

6cm is still huge, but I am currently bleeding at the same pace, so I feel as long as that keeps up then this thing should be gone in 2-4 weeks. The only thing is, that I feel the blood is not as dark as last week. In my mind I think that as this clot gets older the blood should get darker, so I am scared again.

I am not on bed rest. This weekend I actually cleaned the house and did more shopping the usual. I have no choice but to work, so I go. But I walk slow, I don’t lift anything, I just try to be very careful. I feel that maybe I need to get this thing drained and maybe some activity will get things moving. In my case the RE confirmed the active bleeding has stopped, if I know that I had an active bleed then I wouldn’t move from the bed, in hopes that it would clot up.

Is it just me or does it seem like the doctors really don’t know what to do about this, so all the do is monitor it?? Hmmm. Why is it so common, yet so unknown at the same time?

While I am complaining. I have the worst gas pains ever! Its so scary, because I will get a lower pain and think “Oh this is it, there is something wrong and I am having cramps that will lead to a miscarriage”…then gas comes out and all is better. Its funny sometimes, but totally scary for the most part. Being pregnant is not all the fun it used to be when I was 19 or 30! LOL.


Hi amrock -
So happy to hear about your latest ultrasound. That sounds very encouraging!
I agree that the Doctors don’t really seem to know what to do about this. Through my massive amounts of “research” (HA!) I think it’s just because these things are so unpredictable and there is really not a lot they can do but tell you to take it easy. I have thought about going to see a perinatologist, but I don’t think they will tell me anything any different that I haven’t already heard from my OB or found out myself.
I think it’s just a “wait and see” kind of thing, which I’m trying to learn to be good at!
I’m doing what you are… No bed rest, but just taking it easy. I’m not picking up my 3 year old and trying to stay seated or laying most of the day. I hate it. I just have to keep reminding myself that it’s not forever.
I go back Friday for another ultrasound and I’m just hoping for good news. I have still not bled red blood since the biggie 2 weeks ago. I’ve spotted light brown every day but it’s so minimal, like I would hardly even notice it if I wasn’t obsessing and/or pregnant. Still no cramps, so I would think that is good.
Pregnancy causes so many weird pains anyway, that I think it’s really hard to not read into it too
much and think it’s the SCH.
I guess it’s just “day-by-day”. It’s tough!


Hi Rubes!

I feel crazy!! I bleed everyday. I tell myself “Its good brown old blood” however, IM PREGNANT and I fell that I am NOT supposed to bleed! :grr: At work I will feel a little trickle and I almost run to the bathroom with fear each time. I keep reminding myself that 6cm is huge and there must be a lot to bleed out, and maybe if its coming out this fast then I will be over this sooner and can go on to feel good about my babies. (Or find something new to worry about…that’s just the way I am sigh)

The worst part of taking it easy is the no BD. We haven’t done it in forever because of the last part of the IVF injections, and then the OHSS, then waiting for implantation, and then OHSS again and now this :frowning: My poor DH asked me last night if he has to wait 40 weeks. Poor guy, and we are newlyweds!

3 more days until your U/S, yay! I know how you cant wait to see what’s going on inside and worried to see at the same time. I wish we could fast forward 7-8 months and hold our babies.

Let me know how Friday goes! :slight_smile:


I’ll definitely keep you posted! I’m very anxious about tomorrow. Yesterday was the first day I had NO brown spotting and I was really excited. Then, this morning I had more and I felt defeated again. I keep reminding myself as well…it’s brown which is good, and this thing either has to come out or be reabsorbed. So, hopefully it’s coming out!
Baby is still doing fine. I feel movement now and I just love it. And, have the fetal doppler at home has been such a lifesaver.
Hope you are doing well… I’ll update tomorrow!


[quote=rubes731]I’ll definitely keep you posted! I’m very anxious about tomorrow. Yesterday was the first day I had NO brown spotting and I was really excited. Then, this morning I had more and I felt defeated again. I keep reminding myself as well…it’s brown which is good, and this thing either has to come out or be reabsorbed. So, hopefully it’s coming out!
Baby is still doing fine. I feel movement now and I just love it. And, have the fetal doppler at home has been such a lifesaver.
Hope you are doing well… I’ll update tomorrow!

I know! Its so upsetting to see any blood, even though in our case, the brown is good. But we want it to be ALL gone!

Where did you get a fetal Doppler from? Do you have one with a display? I was looking those up yesterday. I am only at 9w1d. I have an appointment in 7 days, so at that time if the babies are good and growing, I will rent one!


I bought an “Angel Sounds” Doppler from It has no display, just the transducer and headphones. You have to buy the gel, which I bought from amazon as well.
It’s really simple and was not expensive. I was able to pick up this baby’s heartbeat just shy of 10 weeks, but really had to try hard to find it at first. Now, I find it instantly. The hardest thing is becoming familiar with which one is your baby’s heartbeat. You will pick up your renal arteries and the placenta which are slower beats, then your baby’s is super fast! You’ll know it when you find it. Like I said, especially through all of this, it has been great to have the peace of mind. And, though it doesn’t have a display, I just count the beats for 15 seconds, then multiply by 4. Baby is always 150-180 bpm or so.


Latest update: Baby is doing great, measuring 3 days ahead, with a great looking placenta and sac. My cervix also looks good. Unfortunately, the SCH is still there. Once has cleared up (the one down by my cervix) which is good news, but the one that is still there is behind the placenta, which I know is more worrisome. I don’t know exact measurements, as I didn’t see my OB today, just the ultrasound. I have a feeling no one will call me today (my OB is on vacation and I don’t know that the on-call OB will be calling) so I think I’m going to have to wait for Monday to get more specifics, like if it’s bigger, smaller, etc. The tech (who was GREAT) did say that they are really tough to measure. And, just looking at it with my eyes, it doesn’t look that big, though what do I know?!?
In non-SCH news, we’re 90% sure that baby is a BOY!!



Its frustrating to not have all the details you feel you need and want right away. And if you are anything like me, I hate waiting - lol :slight_smile:

However, Im so happy to hear that your baby BOY is doing great.

So you had two SCHs? Ick! Are they monitoring the one under the placenta closer. I am glad that my RE is the one monitoring my clot right now, because if he can measure eggs then he can measure clots! He is great with the U/S and its nice to have him do it, because then he tells me what is going on right while he is looking.

Boys are so exciting. The love little boys have for momma is the best in the world!


It’s very confusing…
The first u/s I had after the big bleed, the tech didn’t say anything while she was scanning me, just that the baby had a heartbeat. When I saw my OB afterward she said I had a 3 cm SCH. She didn’t to into detail and I was too much in shock after the crazy bleed and I knew nothing about SCH’s at the time, that I didn’t really ask for details.

The second u/s (same tech), she still didn’t tell me anything. I don’t really think they are supposed to tell you too much. But, I saw my OB right afterward who relayed to me what the radiologist had just told her over the phone. I had an SCH by the cervix and 2 others up high. I asked her if they were all different bleeds and she said that they were probably all from the same source but were broken up (whatever that means). She still did not give me any more details and I was too afraid to ask. Sometimes the more details I get, the more anxious I get and it takes over my life!

So, today the tech was GREAT and she went over everything with me. She could still see the bleed by the cervix but it looked like it was almost resolved. And, then the other one by the placenta… Which I think may have been the other 2 seen on the previous scan but put together now? I don’t know… So weird. And, she repeatedly told me how hard these things were to measure. So, with all that being said, I just don’t know the specifics and no OB has called me yet. And, it’s almost 5:00. GRRRR!!!


Well, the official word is that the SCH is “stable”, not bigger or smaller. I didn’t get much detail which was ok…I didn’t really ask about sizes, etc because I didn’t want to freak myself out even more. She said stable is good, much better than increasing size. So, I go back in 2 weeks. :cross: we see a bit of reduction at that time!


How are you doing?

My rusty bleeding/spotting is still there, but now I have pink spotting. Im really worried but there is nothing I can do until I know what is happening. I have an U/S tomorrow. I will keep you posted.


Good luck today and please keep me posted!
I am doing ok, no more brown spotting at all the past few days, so I am hopeful. I don’t go back until the 25th, so I may just die of anxiety before then, but I’m just going to keep telling myself that no new blood is good (I think)!


Thanks Rubes!

I felt on top of the world yesterday. My RE was so nice.

I walked in so depressed. I told him that these appointments should be exciting the check on the babies development but instead I walk through the doors with dread because it feels like I am checking in just to see if I am pregnant or not.

We found both babies looking great. They were moving their little arms and legs, their heartbeats sounded great and the sacs are still on the smaller side but he was not concerned about that.

He measured my clot in mm this time instead of cm. But he said its about an inch big right now and it was hard to see because before it was very big and dark, this time there was still a mass but it was light, he said because its not dense anymore and there is no fresh blood in there.

I am seeing pink blood when I wipe sometimes, but he is not concerned about that, he said its normal (I would rather have an explanation and know why). There is still brown coming out, but lots less.

I think I am finally excited to be excited about this pregnancy. I drove home thinking: When do I tell my day, when do I tell my work, where is the crib going, I better start buying diapers! 10 weeks down, 28 more to go :slight_smile: