Success after a chemical?


Has anyone had success trying naturally after a chemical pregnancy from IVF? I just had a chemical in June and am waiting until October to do another round of IVF…I was thinking we might as well try during this “time off” from treatments…
Also I see a lot of posts with women who have many miscarriages or many chemicals…I am afraid of that too because of my low AMH and endo…any success stories will help!


I had success after 2 chemicals and 1 miscarriage. I’d suggest genetic screening & testing of your embryos if you can afford it. It helped us to get our baby.

Best wishes to you.


I actually had chemicals the cycles immediately preceding both of my successful IVFs.


I got a surprise natural BFP after 6 miscarriages (including a couple chemicals from IUIs). I also have DOR. It IS possible, just not very likely.

Best of luck!